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Organic Energy Drink March 22 Midday Juicing Process

All right. Not so exciting. Just have to really kind of cut the oranges. I just want to bring out the seltzer water. You can get it at any of your grocery store. I got black cherry just cause I had it in the fridge. Not any reason. So you can get whatever flavor you desire. Part of the reason we’re doing that is if you look there is wait a minute, nothing in here, nothing, nothing, nothing carbonated water, natural flavor. So that’s it. So we know the natural flavor is probably wrong. It’s probably terrible for you. However, it’s just carbonated water for the most part. So that’s why we’re using it. So it gives us our carbonation in our energy drink. All right. Let’s get started. I’m going to start with the zucchini.


Yeah. Let’s try guayaba at all. Highly disappointing. Maybe we’ll try those in another few days. Cause that, that didn’t do anything. And they’re kind of expensive for it. Not to do anything now let’s do the Kiwi. Now. This is it’s pretty hard. So the other ones were kind of hard to, but it might’ve been right. All right.

I’m pretty disappointed. Not going to lie. However, let’s move it over to our orange juice. Let me take this off real quick and try to pour the rest of the little juice in here. There you go. Ask that guy out. Guayaba right there. I want every last little drop of that. There we go. Well, not every drop. That’s good. Let’s move its cup over to our juicer machine over here. Move that down. And I’m guessing, well, the pictures say to just go like this, I probably could have used a bigger oranges, but where will you stop it like that and push the button.

Okay. Wow.

Did it work?

Yeah, there’s still quite a few little bit juice in here, so it’s not the most efficient thing. Okay, well let’s keep going. I guess we stick it here. Stick that right there. Going through the thing Maybe this is just supposed to put this up here. Okay. Yeah, that was a little better. All right. Let’s round number three. Okay. So I’m guessing that goes in this little hole. No, don’t do that. So you gotta play with this a little bit. Maybe that’s where we’re needed to be. Okay. You see what I’m saying? So I’m guessing this is supposed to pop up, but it’s not the best design. Let’s give another shot. Oh, there it goes.
Are you serious? This is all we’re going to get. Yeah, I, I mean, I did it well that time I got out what I was supposed to get, I guess, Highly disappointing. Put our water in there and I will talk to you guys in a second. Once I clean up and meet you in the other room.

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