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March 23 Morning Juicing Process

All right. So here we go. Everything’s cut up. We’ve got ourselves set up. We’re gonna go ahead and mush up the watermelon and we’re just all the melon stuff first, actually. No, don’t know that’s a, not a good idea. We’re going to do watermelon then broccoli, or just mix it up or have some fun. Well, there it goes. I was going to say, they’re not, it’s not going to fit, but there, there it goes. It amazing watermelon juice. I don’t know today. We’re going to really find out if juice water is, is good or not. Right. So what we have left, we have the cantaloupe, the honey strawberries. Let’s we’re going to have to cut the honeydew and this in half cause. Yeah. Right. Well just, I mean, it doesn’t really matter now. Here we are with the juice are my prediction is that these three things right here are going to fill the rest of the cup. So we’ll stuff that in there. Go ahead and drop him in there to put some, some funny do and I would say Mark, I’m getting pretty good guesstimating. How much juice needs to go into this thing? All right. Well, I’ll see you in just a second and we will give it a taste try or whatever. We’ll give it a try. See how either goodness is or how to Melanie. It is. I don’t know. I’m curious. All right. Talk to you later.

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