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March 23 Morning Ingredients – Melons Strawberries Broccoli

All right. Good morning. So this morning we have a lot of Mellon. We need to get rid of if you can kind of see the watermelons getting a minute, it’s normal, it’s getting old. Like you’re supposed to eat it basically. The day it’s been in there for a few days, same thing with the cantaloupe and honeydew was yesterday. I was like, I got an attitude is, might as well mush up as much as we can. And we’ve got little strawberries a day just to kind of give it some, some more flavor, our carrots to accomplish, give some vegetable and then some broccoli. I’m not exactly sure how much of this. I wouldn’t be able to fit because we know that our three melons are going to give us an insane amount of juice. So we’ll probably do a quarter, quarter, quarter or half, half, half, and then for our energy drink later on today, we’ll just try to kill or finish the rest of the melons and go with some oranges or something like that.

And I want to try something else for our energy drink to see if it works. So yeah, let me go ahead and bring out our trusty book and see what we are. We already know that the watermelon and cantaloupe is not in here. So we’ll go with the broccoli first, vitamin C B N a potassium calcium cancer prevention, cholesterol, health, and eye health. That’s that right there to broccoli. Let’s go with the carrot, vitamin a C and B6 potassium, I health skin health and cancer prevention. So then, you know, it’s good to put a carrot in your system every day. Let’s go to our fruits. We’ll go to the honeydews. Since we know the honeydews in there, vitamin C B N K potassium, full late bone health, blood sugar control, skin protection, immunity boost, digestive health and blood pressure regulation. So that’s our honeydew right there. And let’s end with our strawberries. Since we know we do not have the cantaloupe and we do not have a watermelon strawberries, vitamin C manganese, late heart health, blood sugar control, and cancer prevention. So, and we’ll see what kind of good concoction. This just brings this for the morning time. We know that it’s going to be pretty, pretty watery. Let me go ahead and prepare these, this fruit for us and, and a couple of vegetables, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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