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March 23 Noon Energy Drink Juicing Process – Sweet Potato Lemon Orange Cucumber

Welcome back. All right. We’re start with our Vinci, uh, citrus grinder. So we’ll pit our fancy cup. Sorry about that. We’ll put our fancy cup right there and let’s start with some, some lime juice or some lemon juice. Use me. You can just push this nifty button over there.

And do so nice on that one. And the first one that pretty much got everything.

All right, so that’s two lemons. That’s how much lemon juice we got? Um, yeah, worry about seeds later on or worried about it. Let’s work. Let’s see how much orange juice we

Yeah, that was a nice one right there that got all the juice out.

That thing.

I will say this, this seems a little slower than the other one. It feels like we’ve been doing this forever.

Now. Remember, we’re doing this,this is our energy drink, so we’re trying to give us as much a boost, like a boost of energy before I go run it. Just to see if you know, cause I’m a little tired. Uh, usually I take a, I have an energy drink around this time. I just, I run around for it’s. It’s about two o’clock right now. So I usually go for a run in about two hours, uh, on a normal day. I’d go to the gym or not to the gym. Excuse me. I’d have, uh, some energy drink a monster, and then now keep me going. So I’m trying to come up with a concoction where I no longer go to the, the energy drink and I just go to the natural energy drink of fruit. All right. This is how much juice we got from our citrus, uh, our orange juice and our lemon juice. Now let’s go to the, the actual juice makers. All right. Cause that, that didn’t give us very much of anything. I mean, we’re good. That’s it’s about a couple of swallows. Alright. I gotta move this forward. There we go. All right. Let’s start with the sweet potato

Now let’s go with the cucumber. [inaudible] the watermelon [inaudible]

Oh, I forgot the Apple. I apologize. I got a little Apple juice in there.  all right.

All right. So you remember where we were with the citrus? We were like right here. And so the rest of this is the watermelon cantaloupe manna or honeydew sweet potato and cucumber. All right. I’m going to cut this video and I’ll see you why we experiment and see how it tastes.

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