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March 26 Fitness

All right. Today, today was easy. It finally, I mean, you can see outside it’s, it’s not gray. It was a little bit this morning, but it cleared up.


I don’t really have any complaints as you see. I don’t, I’m not wearing my sweater, so it’s not freezing cold anymore. That poses a different problem now because I’m really, I’m sweating profusely and my hands are slippery. So when I’m holding on to the weights there, it’s kind of slippery. So I’m gonna probably have to buy some gloves just for that problem. But that’s a good problem. I’m going to have as long as I continuously drink, a lot of fluids, keep my body, you know, hydrated. Cause now it’s warmer. I’m going to sweat a whole bunch more. But other than that’s fine, I’m going to have to do laundry a little bit more just cause I’m gonna have to wash your clothes every day or just buy some more, more shoe or more pants and some tank tops, which, you know, that’s either which way let’s see on the treadmill started off 5.6, then about 10 minutes in, I moved up to 5.8 or something. And then for the last about 10 minutes I went up to six and then I was like, Ooh, I can race. I might be able to, I like it. I could see Beading Or three miles in 30 minutes. So when I could see it, like, you know, yesterday day before when I run at 5.6 for the whole time for like 20 minutes, there’s no way I’m going to catch it. Right. That’s just, this is too much. But I saw that I could catch it. Right. So I ran at 5.6 for a little bit and you know, I was doing good, but then I was like, you know what I mean? I was almost catching it, but I was, it was going to be too close to count. So I wanted to like double down and make sure that I beat it. So I went ahead and moved it up to about seven miles per hour, about seven months, your boss said mom’s power and then ran, ran that or the remainder of the 30 minutes like that. And I ended up getting 30 miles in about 29 minutes and 10 seconds, 20 seconds, something like that.

So I beat the 30 minutes, which is, you know, it’s key. That’s good. I, remember when I got the first when I got the treadmill for the first time I was trying to outdo myself and I actually I did it. I was running over three miles in 30 minutes. However I was wearing myself out. So then we dropped it all the way back down to five miles per hour and just run the 30 minutes and then slowly but surely we’ve gradually moved up higher and higher and higher. Now I’m not saying tomorrow or from here on out, we’re going to try to beat minutes, but now we know we can do it at a gradual pace to where I’m not really tired now. Now, you know, if that makes sense before I hadn’t really pushed myself hard to get there, to get there because my body just wasn’t there yet. It wasn’t developed into the point where it’d be easy. Now my, my body’s evolved to the point, my cardio raised to the point maybe the juicing, you know, the extra vitamins I’m putting into my system. Maybe those are helping. I did have A, a mid day drink. My little energy drink, which again, everyone,

The day that I have had one of those when I’m running, I don’t Hawk as many Luigi’s, which is good. I don’t know why, but the energy drinks, you know, my own energy drink. I don’t know if it’s an energy drink, but that’s what we’re going to call it. Right? Cause that’s the intention of it is to supplement an energy drink throughout the day. I can’t complain so far. It’s doing it’s it’s doing the purpose intended for I’m not going to lie, have cheated a little bit with energy drinks.

Just, I think more of, it’s just the addiction factor that, you know, if you have a placebo as long as it, you know, two people take the same pill and one’s a placebo and one’s not. And if, as long as they, they both believe they both can be fixed. So I think the placebo effect is happening to where I’m not a firm believer in my personal energy drink. So I’m still supplementing the energy drink, like buying an energy drink, however slowly but surely my stinginess world, where I come in and I’ll just won’t buy energy drinks anymore. I will is I think it’s more of a discipline. Once I consistently make my midday drink, then I’ll, then I’ll probably cut the energy drinks out, but it’s difficult. I’m not going to lie. It’s very difficult to drink three different times in a day.

That’s juicing three times is it takes a minute because I looked at the time it takes from starting to finish. It’s almost an hour. Right. So yeah, it doesn’t seem like, Oh, well just put together. Excuse me. Well, it’s easy, Erik, why don’t you just cut the vegetables and grind them up and then you’re done. Yeah, that’s true. But then making the videos then cleaning up then doing everything combined time is about an hour. And that’s that’s if I don’t talk very long, the longer, the more I talk the more or the longer it is, it is efficiently springtime. I seen bees out today. So hopefully wherever you are, it’s spring and it’s looking beautiful. I’m excited that I don’t have to wear a sweater Anymore. I might have to get a haircut Because of that. Other than that, stay up, congratulations and talk to y’all later on.

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