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March 22 Morning Ingredients – HoneyDew Carrot Squash Apple Cucumber

All right. Good morning

Today. We finally, I found a honey deal, right? Hopefully. So it’s honey dude. Hopefully I got the right thing and then we’ve got some carrots, some squash, a cucumber, and then we’ve got something else too. We got a plum. All right. So I went shopping yesterday at a different store. Walmart, then my typical food lion and that just, they just had a different Bray of vegetables and fruit. I also did get my we’re going to start my juicer today. So we’re going to start the energy drinks today. That’s at least in theory. All right. Let’s figure out what is in each of these vegetables

And fruit. Excuse me.

All right. Our cucumber, we have vitamins, K and C magnesium, potassium, hydration, weight loss, blood sugar control, and bowel regulation. Let’s go to our or carrot. There we go. Carrot vitamins, a C and B6 potassium, eye health, skin, health, and cancer prevention. Now let’s go to our school squash. We have vitamins, a C E and B6, niacin diabetes management, and anti-inflammation with a little bit of lung health. That’s our, our squash right there. Now let’s go to our fruit mind you. We don’t have very much because these are high producing. We know our cucumbers are going to give us a lot. Our squash is going to give us a decent amount. Our carrots are going to give us a another decent amount. I’m guessing the honeydews going to be like the, the watermelon and the cantaloupe, hopefully. And the plum. I’m not sure we’ll find out.

And look, we have a plum right here. Vitamin C K, and a potassium blood sugar control, bone health, and heart health. Look at that. You can get your bones butter with a little bit of plums every day. All right. Not bad. We got the honey dude, vitamin C B6 and K potassium full late bone health. Look at that regard to bone house today. Blood sugar control, skin protection, immunity boost, digestive health and blood pressure regulation. All right, that’s what we’re got through there. And our plum, our cucumber or squash and our carrot. All right. Talk to you in just a minute. Let me prepare the fruit and well, let me prepare everything and then we’ll grind them up in just a second.

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