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Tomato Celery Cucumber Asparagus – Midday Nutritional Boost Ingredients

All right. So for our afternoon juice, we have our cauliflower, which let’s bring out our trusty book, right.

And call a flower, vitamin C and K, and then see if you can see it. There you go. And B6 full eight potassium and weight loss, bone health, and cancer prevention. We got asparagus over here, some big ones. We got, what is this? Weight loss, blood pressure regulation, digestive health, and vitamin C K N a full late. We also got tomatoes today. See if we can find that tomato, tomato, we got a C and K vitamins, folate, potassium, heart health, cancer prevention, and skin health. All right, what else? We got some cucumber and some celery. So let’s go cucumber.

There we go. Vitamin C K, N C, magnesium, potassium, hydration, weight loss, blood sugar control and bow regulation. What was the last one? Oh, that’s was it celery? There we go. Celery. Wait a minute. Is that the one I just did? No, I did cucumber celery, vitamin C K a folate potassium, digestive health, anti Flint, inflammation, cholesterol, health, blood pressure regulation, and skin health. Now what I have over here as well. Cause you know, in the afternoon we try not to do as many fruits because it has a lot of sugar in it. I have jalapeno. Now I’m not going to put that whole jalapeno in there for the fear that I’m going to create something I can’t drink because it’s too hot. So I’m going to put a part of that jalapeno in there to kind of give it a more robust flavor. Right?

Cause I would feeling that this there’s, there’s not going to be very, very good flavor in this concoction that I made right here. Right. So I will see you in a minute. I mean, mush all this stuff up, we’re going to make a whole cup, a one liter. So, cause I’m, I’m kind of thirsty right now while I’m hungry, I’m starving. So we’re going to make a whole whole juice cup full of it. And then we might make one later on a day if I’m still hungry. And so here we go. Talk to you later on.

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