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Tomato Zucchini Spinach Lettuce – Night Time Anxiety Relief – Ingredients

So at nighttime, if you remember the morning time we are trying to stick to fruit, giving me the sugar, to be highly stimulated for the day. I guess that’s a good way to say it. And then I was saying in the nighttime, we’re going to try to go more greens. We know that lettuce is a sleep aid, spinach. We’re going to go through this, the, what they are in just a second, but we have some lettuce, some spinach, some artichoke, some squash, zucchini tomato and then some type of pepper. The book, our little green juicing book. Doesn’t have what the green peppers are, but like what? Doesn’t have peppers in here at all, but I’m putting it in there hopefully to give me some flavor. Cause I don’t, I don’t particularly think this is going to be the best flavor right here. I don’t see anything. That would be really good. So hopefully the, the paperwork we’ll give it a little Tang. All right, let’s go through our book. All right. We have zucchini. Let’s see if you can see that our vitamins, a C and K magic, magnesium potassium, digestive health, blood, sugar control, heart health and eye health. We got our tomato. There you go. Vitamin C in K one, full late potassium, heart health, cancer prevention and skin health. We got some new, our spinach. Wait, we got squashed. So our squash vitamins, a C E N B six. Nyson diabetes management. Okay. Anti-inflammation and lung health. That is perfect. That’s not bad at all. All right, look, spinaches right above it. Vitamins. K a B two and B six full late man. Gunnys eye health, brain health and muscle health. So we’re going to try to be putting in a lotta greens, lots of greens. Oh, you would go with our lettuce, right? Vitamins a and K potassium, zinc, folate anti-inflammation sleep aid. And anti-anxiety so we were having a lot of info anti-inflammation so, I mean, if I that’s, I guess that’s good for when we sleep, let’s try it. Let’s check out artichoke, C K and B late magnesium, potassium, cholesterol, health, blood pressure regulation, liver, health and health. All right. So that’s, that’s really nice right there. I enjoy the deliver health. Cause my, my days when I was a heavy drinker, when I was younger, this, hopefully this is a, can it help me out? The more we do this? Like I said, at the peppercorn,


That kind of sucks, but whatever. All right. So what I’m going to be doing is like every other day, chopping all this stuff up and seeing a little bit.

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