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March 26 Morning Nutrient Ingredients Carrot Apple Melon

Good morning. It’s about five o’clock in the morning. I had a really late start this morning. I just couldn’t get out of bed. Which, you know, it’s a Friday I’ve been working hard all week. That’s probably when my body was like, you know, I’m just not going to move and did not care about how much I was trying to get out of bed. However, let’s start the morning we have carrots, we have our beat, which somehow the beat just got really big compared to the last, last few times we got a couple of different apples this morning. I only have one of these left, so I was, I just figured might as well use it, or I try to keep it a uniform with the same color, apples and everything. We’ve got the sweet potato today, and then we’ve got this random melon, which is a gull. Gallia a product of Honduras. Not really sure how this is going to taste, but we’re kind of using it to give us a little bit better flavor. I have a fear that my carrots and my beat and my sweet potato might not be the best of flavors. So we’re adding a little bit of melon to give more like a water or more fluid and our apples to kind of give a little Apple flavor and Apple a day keeps the what that doctor, Oh, wait. All right. Let’s get into our green GC books.

All right. Our fruit, I’m almost positive. It’s not going to have the . Yup. Great grapefruit honeydew. Nope, not there. So you can’t help out on that one. We have our apples, which is vitamin C potassium and quercitin heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention. We, and that is all for our fruit. Let’s go onto our vegetables. Let’s go to that right there, which is eight feet, which has full late magnet, magnesium potassium, blood pressure regulation, heart health, digestive health, and brain health.

Okay. That’s a mental note that, that the beets have brain health. So we might, we might start using the beat in the middle of the day, or even at the nighttime as well, more of the middle of the day, try and give us energy boosts or brain power for a little bit. I don’t know I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m going to think. So my perception is my reality sweet potato.

What is this Swiss chard? Anyways, sweet potato vitamins, a and B6, magnesium potassium, digestive health immunity, immunity boost, and lung health. Then that brings us to are carrots over here, vitamins, a C and B6, potassium, iHealth skin health and cancer prevention. So those are all of our fruits. Let’s go over them. One more time. Our carrots, our beat, our sweet potato are two different types of apples for the morning and our new fruit from Honduras, which is a godliness. Yeah. From my smell lens. All right, let me prepare these, get us ready for the juicing process. And I’ll talk to you in just a second.



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