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March 24 Afternoon Juice Ingredients – Strawberry Watermelon Spinach

Alright. So for the afternoon, this is basically our, our afternoon night drink. We have something kind of special. This lettuce right here. We’ve got three different types, not the honeydew, not the watermelon and not this romaine heart, but this lettuce right here, this right here, and this right here came out of my mini garden. So it’s not a lot. That’s why we’re going to use all, all of it because that by itself, isn’t going to do anything or that by itself. So we’re going to mush all three of them together. And then I also have a romaine heart. I paid for this, but what I want to kind of point out is first off, if you have food stamps, which a lot of Americans do, I’m not saying that’s not a negative thing at all, but you can buy seeds with food stamps, right?

So if you’re like, Erik, I really want to juice. It’s just, I don’t have any money. Well, you can buy seeds with food stamps and you can grow your own vegetables, you know, fruits a little bit harder cause it comes from trees, but you can grow your own vegetables. So today we have our three different types of blood is plus the romaine head. We have some strawberries just because I like strawberries. And I, I feel that the lettuce might be a little bland. So, you know, give us some strawberry flavor. We have our watermelon over there, which is going to give us more, more water and hopefully a little refreshing, fresh taste. Then we also have our honeydew with a mixture, which is also going to give us more of like a water. So I’m not expecting this to be very thick. But we’re jam packed with nutrients and let’s look at, we know that they don’t have the watermelon in our book, which I still need to, to, to write my own nutritional book on the more and go more in depth on all the different vegetables and fruits that we use on this program.

But we’re not there yet. We’ll get there. So let’s start and let’s go. Let’s see what we,


All right. So we’re over with our lettuce, since this is all, this is lettuce and lettuce and lettuce. We only have one thing cause we have green leaf, red leaf romaine, right? So vitamins a and K potassium zinc full, late anti-inflammation sleep aid and anti-anxiety anxiety relief. So part of the reason where we’re using the lettuce I think it’s about six o’clock at night now is one the anxiety relief, you know, after a stressful day, you know, that’s when you’re angry, you’re, that’s when people tend to be the most anxious is, you know, at the night after, you know, when they start looking over their problems or their bills or whatever it is. And so having some lettuce, I want to see if it gives me a calming state and then also the sleep pain. I have different goals. So I try to wake up really, really early on for different, if you’re paying attention to the fitness portion of, of, of this program, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. My next goal is basically be on the bike at two o’clock in the morning. So any kind of aid that I can have to enhance my efficiency when I’m sleeping, I’m all for it. So if lettuce is going to help me be sleep more efficiently, let’s give it a shot. All right, now let’s go to our fruit.

Now we have our honeydew, which is vitamin C, B and K potassium, full late bone health, blood, sugar control, skin protection, immunity boost, digestive health, blood pressure regulation. That’s our honeydew right here. Again, we don’t have our watermelon, but we do have strawberries. So our strawberries give us vitamin Z magnesium, magnesium, full late heart health, blood, sugar control, and cancer prevention. All right, well, give me just a minute. Let me prepare for the grinding session. So I will see you in just a minute and we will grind and see how much juice my home grown lettuce produced. Okay.

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