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Getting Paid With Amazon FBA

You know, sometimes it takes a little bit of where you remember something and it’s the most important part. It’s almost surprising that we forgot to discuss it. Why didn’t one of you guys tell me, well, how do you get paid? What about being paid? All right. So as you see, it’s seven in the morning, I’ve already sold one book. Last seven days we’re at, and this is just sales 800 and sales. 30 days we’re at seven grand in sales four grand, whatever. Right now my total balance is $1,100 that they got that they can give to me, which is, I mean, this is cool. Cause like I said, I can, if you watch one of my videos I don’t know how many different videos you’ve watched that $1,100 literally pays for another shipment of books. So like that little bit of cash gets to reinvest it in and it’s thousands upon thousands of books.

Right? So let’s, let’s worry about getting paid. So what happens? We go over here, you go into orders. Mind you, Amazon does all of this. I don’t do any of it. So you go, you have your orders, your canceled orders. So these orders are all the ones that have been canceled. It’s not that bad. It’s only four orders, whatever. Then all the orders right here. Remember I was telling you about the Java again. I don’t remember how many different videos you’ve seen and how the worth of something is all about how much you can sell something for. So the market, the ticket price on this, this items like $4. But as you see, I sold it for way more than $4. All right. This other one, I was selling them for 1799. I must’ve lowered the price. I forgot. I’m sorry. Sorry. For 1599.

So what happens is you see how this is pending. The order status is pending, pending, pending payment, complete payment, complete. So Amazon, so on payment complete, you go over here and that’s over here, right? So when the payment complete, when it gets goes green, then it adds into your, your money over here, right then on when it doesn’t say that, when it says pending would just go to pending orders. So right now I have 19 different items that Amazon needs to pay me on. Right. Which is kind of cool when you think about it. So it’s kinda like, you know, people are waiting for a paycheck, so am I right from Amazon? They got to pay me on 19 different items. So this item right here, I think they got to pay me like 30 bucks on this one is like a dollar. And some of these, I might, I might have to give them a couple of dollars cause I lowered the prices in the move to inventory.

So, but when, when we go over it, we’ll, you’ll see like how it doesn’t matter. This is like I said, 30, I said, owe them 50 cents. Make like $3. Is this on average? You need to make like $7 because of the size of the book. All right. It all depends on weight. It’s like basics and how many other people have them out there. Right. So you’re competing with other people. So during your pricing, just pay attention to that. Like this one, making money, this one it’s if I could be breaking even this one, I don’t remember the size of it could be breaking even obviously making money, obviously making money. Yes, sir. Could be breaking, even making money, making money. This one, unless it, if this is like, it’s a kid’s book. So, which is really difficult. So I probably breaking, even breaking, even making at least a dollar I’m losing about 50 cents losing about 50 cents making probably like $15 making like $4 off of this. Since it’s a slice of paper, I think it’s like $5. So I’m making like $10 off of that and probably breaking even off of that. So on the orders that are coming into me. So it’s like another, what?

I don’t know if anyone was counting let’s let’s just be cheap. Right. And say it’s a hundred dollars coming knows to say $40. And I would say 70, we’ll say 70 more dollars coming to me. And like, it will be here eventually. I’m not worried about it because then what happens? You come over here. Let’s do the little chart, check the pricing, right management. Right. Oh, see if you remember yesterday or when I was doing the other video they, they keep playing with this book. All right. So we’re just going to go into this boat. We’re in drop a whole 6 cents. All right. So when we go into over here, the payments. All right. So it kind of shows you all right here. And then what’s really cool is right here, which you’ll see

Is right here, the fees and we’ll refunds. It doesn’t look like, well, pre the beginning balance, I sold that many bubble of are ending with this much in that and the first. So if I, it, so yeah, basically what the gimmick, I’m saying one to $500 a month, as you can see, that’s just like half a month. I’ve already made 1100. So one to 500 is I’ve made way more than that. But if you look right here is the shipping costs, right? So what’s the most amazing thing with Amazon is that you don’t need any startup money. Right. So besides your $50 or whatever, to start up, well, you already know this. So I don’t know why I’m telling you all this. So you guys are already in the program. So the payment, so yeah. So what’s great is they pay, so you make your money, right? Once you set up your, your FBA, then it doesn’t cost you anything, right. At all, besides 50 bucks, it’s a subscription fee, $40. Right. And then as long as you’re sending product, you’ll go in the hall. All right. Let me see if I can show you what I’m talking about.

Okay. Yeah. Perfect. So the beginning balance, as you can see, June 26th of July, I had $26, right? Orders of 126. I mean, what was up a hundred or $98 is when I first started, but then you’ll see this like fees, a whole bunch of shipping. So I was down $135, which they say there’ll be charged on July 10th. Right. So just to get all my books up there, but then let’s, let’s look at what happened.

I was trying to go backwards.

So I started off negative one 35, but then when you look, yeah, I paid it, but then you’ll look over here. This is more shipping, so, okay. The second week didn’t make any money. So let’s go over to the third.

Started at negative 13 and there we go. Boom started making a little bit of money, total balance three 75. Right. But as you can see, the shipping was still, still killing me where I started making my first, a little bit of money, then we’ll go, boom, there we go. Start off three 75. What? So this is what about a month? Right? And so when you’re, when you’re really taking consideration, it’s going to take about a month because it takes time to get your stuff there. Right. As you can see. So even the fees were here, the fees were super expensive, super expensive shipping, but $1,100, right. Ended it with 1100. So now, boom, let’s see. The next month started with 1100 brought in. I mean, mind you, this is, this is a whopping six days. This isn’t two weeks. This is six days. Look at the dates here. All right. Started with 1100 pulled or had a 2300 in sales, pulled out 1200 in cash. Boom. On August 28th, I pulled out $200, whatever, but on the eight on the next pay period, whatever, let’s see what we started with

Boom. Started off with $1,800 right now. Remind, remind you like these are school books. So that’s, if you remember me telling you like the profit on this was a little bit higher, but you’ll see as I go the profit drops are, but I’m still making money. So $1,100, boom, boom, boom, boom. More shipping fees still, you know, took out quick $700. Right. and still had $1,400 leftover.

I call it like in the bank. Right. So right here sold this much product, you know, refunds, whatever does this like college books. So year and a half. And then more shipping fees, whatever credits, boom. Now we’re at two grand. Right? I didn’t take any money out. Remember I was in Columbia, I think that’s an $800. Yep. Took $800 out, but left myself with 1300 coming back from Columbia. So it paid for some already, as you see, I’m already making money. If you knew how much. So this $800, how much I paid for the books is very relevant here. So the books are really cheap. So I’m buying per pound. I don’t know how much per book I’m buying them because it’s just too cheap. So through the auctions, like already showed you where to buy him. You gotta look. But like, I, I can’t show you how much I buy books each book because I, them at the auctions.

Right. And so it’s all different. So, but I did show you how to find the books. So you have to look for them yourself, but you will find them. And as, I mean, I’m already in profit, right. So I pulled out some money, then we’ll go September 27th. So boom. So it’s upset. The 17th is when I returned to the twenties. The, so that, Oh, the 800 was buying more books in gas and Penske. Right? So reinvestment, I remember what it was for. And I, and it was paying a little bit of a, you know, use a little bit of the money for myself. So here we go again on the 23rd, another $500. So we’re looking at it over a thousand dollars, pulled out that month, but look still money in the bank.

Look at the dates. Here’s four days pulled money out, still had money. All right, let’s get to all right, like November and things.

The reason we’re going to November is because I was not working. I did not upload a single book. And so we’re, let’s look at some things when I wasn’t working at all. So you can see more or less what I’m talking about. So one to one to $500 a month, this is just the first pay period. So this is the eight to the 22nd. As you’ll see right here, the fees during Christmas time, Amazon for three months, Amazon’s fees doubled, or basically not doubled. It’s like eight times. It’s ridiculous. And if you don’t know it’s not fun. So if you see this $700 in fees, right, that was storage fees. So the reason why I really didn’t make a lot more money is I had to pay extra fees. So if you notice look right

$39, well subscription fees, fees. This is, these are shipping fees. Well, you’re going to see fees throughout, I guess. Well selling fees, FBA fees. All right. Now we go into November 22nd, December six costs the advertising. It was advertising a little bit. The advertisement of the books is worthless. Don’t even like I didn’t, I mean, for me it didn’t work. So you see again November, we already got paid. I’m kind of jumping around a little bit here. I’m trying to find specific examples. See again, advertising November, I paid a decent amount. So $700 right there for them. October 31st. Boom. Perfect. So November 4th, $400.

Didn’t take any money out right there. Mind you, I’m not working, Let’s say $200. So we’re at $600, Another $200, $800. So that’s $1,400. Didn’t take anything out. And this is the last until I started working again. So was that $1,500?

Yeah. So that’s the average of $500 a month for not doing anything. I did not work at all during that time. Right. During those, those, all those pay periods that we just collected the money. I didn’t work at all. So if you put in a little bit of work and if you see, so we started, if you even look negative 13, I didn’t even start until I didn’t start making, like, all my books didn’t get in until what? September or late August. What was it like right around here. Yeah. I basically, I had took my first little bit of money in the end of August. Right. And to be able to work what a month, maybe two and a half months and still get paid $500 a month. Mind you, they don’t forget about my, my, my fees went like tripled. Right? So that if, if my fees weren’t high, right.

If Amazon didn’t charge the holiday fee, then that would have been like eight to $900 a month from work that I’ve done. Right. So that’s why like, keep, just keep adding the books, like keep looking. And then eventually once you have some books it’s going to continuously pay for you. Right. So as like, I hope you see the payments. So, and the other thing, like don’t when, so it adds up, right? So when you sell the books, like you might not make as much per book, but just keep doing it. Right. So this, as you look, we didn’t look at any of these 30 days or this 15 days or the seven days or even today. Right. I haven’t even shown you that because the numbers haven’t even clicked. Right. You can even this, like, this is just for right now. And I got $1,100 is waiting on me. I can’t take it right in on March seven, March 2nd. It’s going to come to me. Right. All my, I just processed probably like 500 more books. So that’s why you’ll see back here.

Like shipping and everything. I just paid $300 basically in shipping. So would I have more money on the 17th? Yeah. I would have had $300 if I didn’t like add more books, but you know, cost of doing business. So $300 and I kick in a thousand dollars in a second. So it’s like pay periods. So here, like I’ll be able to take more money in a week. So they, they make you wait a week. So in case they, the, your customer returns the product. So they just hold it from you. Right. So next week it’ll be like two weeks that this money has been here. And so they’re start cashing me out, which is cool because then the bucket raises more, right? So I got $1,100 waiting on me, but every day you see this red one right here, every day, this is going to get bigger. When

These pending orders get shipped out. I hope that makes sense. So when have the pending orders get shipped out and then over here,

It goes to this little red thing, right. Until a week. And then after a week, then it gets transferred into like the next scheduled date, whatever. And so then what’s is kind of cool. So when I was working, right, don’t forget, I took three months off. Right. So the three months off my, my little budget, like my little nest egg dropped to basically zero. So I’m re re like building it up. So what my goal is usually to keep like a thousand dollars right here at all times, and the way you do that. So you don’t, so they don’t just send you all the money is when, when they, they allow you to have some money available, you just request the transfer. Right. So if tomorrow they allow $200 request the transfer and then it holds in your bank account for the next two weeks. Right. So the March 2nd was two weeks. You know what I’m saying? From the 19th or whenever the last paper you’d was 18th, 19th, whatever. So when you pull money out, it restarts your restart, your particular pay period for two weeks. Does that make sense? Hopefully that was the getting paid with Amazon little series. I hope I didn’t confuse you too much. Yeah, if you have any questions, you know, feel free to ask them and yeah. See you in the next series.

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