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March 25 Energy Ingredients

Alright. So for our energy drink, we are got some bok choy, a little bit spinach, some sugar cane, which I don’t know what’s going to happen with that. Not this could be the worst experiment I’ve ever tried, or it could be the best experiment. So we’re going to find out and we’ve got our apples, we got a plum and we got some massive oranges. So let’s go to our book. Now. It’s kind of obvious. I have the sugar cane cause our energy drink, you know, a regular energy drink you get out of the store is jam packed with what sugar. So I was like, okay, let’s just put a whole bunch of sugar together and see what happens. Now we have different aspects to this as we, you know, this isn’t sugar and the spinach isn’t sugar. So the bok choy and the spinach, they’re giving us different nutrients and vitamins and minerals. So let’s dive into our green juicing recipe book and see what nutrients and vitamins are. Bok choy. And our spinach are bringing us.

And why is Erik putting them in an energy drink? Let’s first start with our fruit right here. We got a plum, which is this right here. Vitamin C K N a potassium blood sugar control, bone health and heart health. We have our apples, which is vitamin C potassium, quercitin heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention. We have our, our oranges right there. Let’s go to orange. There’s vitamin C B one, fold eight potassium, heart health, kidney, stone prevention, and anemia prevention. Now let’s get to the half sugar cane over here. I wouldn’t think they would.

No, they do not have sugar cane, but that makes sense. I wouldn’t expect it to have sugar cane. Let’s go bok choy, our bok choy vitamins, a C and B6 calcium brain health immunity boost, and cancer prevention. So part of the reason I was going to try the bok choy for our energy drink is because it says brain health. Just trying to see if, if brain health, if they refer to like brain stimulus stimulation, cause it was brain stimulation, then hopefully that will set a count or a chemical reaction of with mixed with the sugar as let’s go. Let’s do spinach

Right here. Vitamins K a B to B six, full late magnet knees, eye health, brain health and muscle health. So kind of going on with the bok choy, the reason why we have the spinach, which is right here is the brain health, the muscle health. And what else does it say? The iHealth? Well, you know, the iHealth isn’t too much for energy or, you know, trying to stimulate myself to be able to do my run in the afternoon and boost myself for the second half of the day. However, the muscle health is, you know, I’m work, we’re working out every day. So we want to replenish the health from nature. The brain we’ve got to feed our brain with knowledge. So if we’re going to feed our brain with knowledge every day, we might as well throw in some, some vegetable water to try to help that process. So let me go ahead and get everything prepared. We gotta use our Vinci for our oranges, and then we’re going to use our Mueller for the rest of everything. All right. See you in just a second.

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