12 Years Of Hell: Ages 10 – 22

All right. So, 12 Years of Hell, all right? It’s this book right here. Right here. I don’t know how to really put it. I don’t want to go give too much of the books, we’re just going to give a quick summary of what you’re going to read about in the 12 years of my life. So we started off at age 10, dad dies. Age 11, mom dies. Age 12, moved to California. Age 13, basically live in a boarding school. 14, boarding school, kind of boring. All right, give a little bit, give a little bit. Let’s go jump into 15, get sent away to Aspen Achievement Academy. 16, I’m in Cascade Therapeutic Boarding School. 17, I’m in Sea Doo Ascent. Also, 17, sent down to Mexico. So I was in Hermosillo, Mexico, or really, Bahía de Kino, Mexico, senor Mexico. 18, get out, give him some money, open up a store, go completely broke.

Let’s see. Keep it summing up. So all this is the story he saw her in the book, right? Let’s see. Next. Oh, transporting dope across the country. Been there. Going to Korea to bring in Mitchell and Ness jerseys, did that. Hmm. Oh yeah! Meeting my biological family and that’s how we and 12 Years of Hell.

Now just give you a little backstory. We went through a quick 12 years, starts when I’m 10, ends when I’m 22, that’s when I met my biological family. I’m 37 now, a lot has happened from 22 to 37. However, let’s break it down into the parts and pieces, right. Because if I try to put it all in too much, it’s already a big buck. So I want to break my life down into stages. I understand. Might be like, wait, what? Yeah. Everything that I just named off real quick, it happened and there’s this story and you’ll get it when it’s in there. But just want to quick recap.

Quick 12 years of my life. Some people have a normal life. They go to high school and all that kind of good stuff and not for me. I had pretty much adventure after adventure, after adventure, after adventure. And then at age 22, me and my biological family. I mean, I don’t know. That sounds like pretty big adventure and after that, my goodness, that was the start of another sequence of adventures. But don’t want to take too much of your time if you’re interested in what I was just talking about, that you have two to three different options, you can go to Amazon and buy the book. You can buy the ebook. I don’t know if it’s available at the moment, somewhere on this page, or you can go to foreveryoungmakingmoney.org and you can read the book for free. All right. Talk to you later

Table Of Contents

  1. Dad’s Death
  2. Mom’s Death
  3. Calm Before The Storm
  4. Aspen
  5. Cascade
  6. Cedu
  7. Mexico
  8. Age 18
  9. Age 19
  10. Age 20 – 21
  11. Age 22


Age 22

Turning 22. I didn’t really get anything when I actually turned 22, but the first dividend payment I got was early April for $7,000. I knew with this $7,000 I needed to leave. I didn’t know where I was going to go, but I knew I needed to get out…

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