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March 26 Energy Boost Juicing Process

All right, welcome back. So here we go. We’ve got our spinach or asparagus, our cauliflower, our sweet potatoes, our apples, our lemons, and our oranges. So let’s first start with our, our little lemons. I don’t, I’m not expecting very much of anything with this. No,

Okay. Let’s get there. We got a couple of drops. Good thing. We got a couple more lines.

That last one was disappointing. It wasn’t it. That was like the biggest one. It seemed like it had the least amount of juice. All right. Let’s open up our trap door And that’s how much lemonade we are getting. Hopefully the acid or whatever’s good and eliminate is that’s enough force. Now let’s get some, some Apple juice, A little bigger. All right. Well that opened the thing that did not go as planned. Okay. All right. Now let’s do it.

That’s better. I guess, with this one, you gotta, I mean, of course you, you got to cut it in the center. That’s what happens if you do not cut it in, this kind of makes me wonder how this will work with a grapefruit.

Let’s kind of close this, tilt this a little bit. Hope the juice go in. All right. Those are a little list. So don’t make a mess. So this is how much Apple and lemon juice that we may now it’s time for the vegetables. Well, we still have an Apple, but more or less the vegetables. What do you think? Let’s start with, let’s start with the cabin. No, the cauliflower. See, I can’t get it right. That’s what I’m trying to get rid of it. So I don’t have to think about anymore. Once we grind it up, I don’t have to think about it. There we go.

All right. Let’s check out. See how my staff gave us, gave us a nice little bit. Probably double as much as we had before now. Let’s go for the asparagus.

With some, Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Don’t worry. It’s not going to hurt anything. Stick them in there. Put the Apple in



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March 24 Juicing Process

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