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Starving Yourself Is Not The Best Idea – Juice Responsibly

Completely transparent. The juicing is not going to work for me. I need to eat food right now. I can incorporate the juicing into my life. All right. I understand. I understand the benefits, right? I understand by shooting yourself with a whole bunch of vitamins and in a shorter period of time, it can be very healthy for you. But I also understand that starving yourself for no apparent reason, besides just trying to shoot yourself with vegetables is not a very smart or healthy I D idea or choice.

So for Me, I love that juicy an idea. And I understand more after awhile after I’ve been doing this for a little, like really three days, whatever my issue is coffee and sugar in the morning, right? So I I’m against sugar in most, all aspects of my life, but it’s the sugar that I dump into the cup every morning, which, which is concerning. So if I want sugar and I just got to figure out how to, how to obtain sugar in a, in a different way. So the new little strategy for the rest of this month is because the other part, like my muscles are like, they’re just, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve never been this tired. We’ve been, I’ve been working out for basically two and a half, maybe three months now and have not been tired yet. I’ve last three days, I’ve been worn all the way out, muscles hurting, barely able to do a workout.

So that’s not working. Haven’t been able to wake up in the morning and I have a lot of projects I need to do. So that’s not working. Maybe this juicing thing will work if I go through it, but I don’t have the time to not do not be productive for days upon days to get it going. I was telling my buddy, I went from a seven and a half out of 10 productivity to like a three. And as this is not going to work, it won’t work. Right. So that’s why we’re doing this cause all day, like most of the time, I’m always, I starved myself on a daily basis anyways. So, because I don’t like to eat before I do things before I get, you know what I’m saying before I’m done with my projects. So I can do that anyways, but drinking more fruit in the morning with a little bit of a coconut or maybe a little bit of a cabbage, that one, I get my nutrients for the day.

Right. And I also get my sugar intake for the day to get me going around in the morning. You know, my, my, my booster, my being, but then maybe throughout the night then, cause you know, lettuce, it’s asleep helper to study my vegetables a little bit more, eat my meal in the middle of the day to, to the supplement, you know, give me food. Then what I want to do also is cause it’s time, it’s time to get big it’s time. It’s time to work out. Right. cause my legs are like, I’m I feel like I’m plateauing a little bit in a sense. Not all the way. So I don’t want to discourage anyone, but I’m gonna do my own diet. I’m going to do Apple cider vinegar. Cause why I know it works. It works for me. It worked in the past.

Right? I felt good after doing it. I’m also going to do my protein egg because every time I do my protein before I, my recovery time was much faster. Right. They don’t want to eat like a healthy meal. Then I can juice later on. I don’t need to eat a big meal at all time. I need to eat big meals at nighttime. I need to eat a big meal, you know, when I’m ready to eat a big meal, but just make sure my big meal is mostly vegetables, right? So I want to be creative on how I can use reuse or utilize the vegetables that I chop all the way up and then maybe put them in my eggs or put them in something else like with my, my, my, my food. I hope that makes sense. But that’s, that’s what we’re looking at right now. That’s where we at right now. We’re going to pause on just drinking straight juice. Cause it’s not working for me. I don’t like it. It’s not accomplishing what I want to. And then we’re going to just be all around, more healthier and try to drink or try to drink my juices juice, continuously juice, but then also add other healthy foods with it. If that makes sense. All right. Talk to you later. Bye.

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