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March 27 Night Relaxation Juice (Process) – Sweet Potato Apple Kiwi Lettuce

All right. So we’re back now. Let’s remind everybody what we got. We’ve got our celery, got a little Bok, Choy, some lettuce, asparagus, couple apples and magic fruit of Kiwi, couple sweet potatoes and some melon. Let’s start with our greens. So we’ll stuffing in there, like, so, wow. We got to go on. Let’s go ahead and put our bok choy in there. Now let’s go with our celery, which is right here. I put this part down. I jumped all over play. Alright, let’s give it a right. Those are greens. As you see all we have left left, we have our sweet potato or apples or Kiwi and our melon. So let’s look at how much juice our greens gave us today. That’s a healthy amount right there. If I’d say so myself it looks like we might have a little bit of foam, but that’s all right. Now let’s get into the rest of the mixing or did you see, let’s go with our sweet potato.

All right. That was our sweet potato. Now let’s go ahead and juice. Our, our Mellon kind of give us a, a new, a different taste, different flavor will sweetness. There we go. Now melon gave us a nice decent amount. Did you see that? Alright, what’s left. We have our apples and our Kiwi. Let’s go ahead and throw our apples in here now, just to remind you, we’re using a Mueller from Austria mixer or juicer, excuse me. And last but not least, let’s go ahead and add our key wheat and watch our juice ride. Yes. All right. Let’s look at what we got. Let that calm down a little bit. Oh, okay. There’s our concoction. It looks like we might have just a little bit of foam that we’ll have to take care of, but that’s okay. Let’s move this back just a little bit tighter. Give as much as the, the Kiwi juice that we can get, just cause you know, like keep losing they’re expensive. Alright. Got it. All right. Talk to you. And just a little bit, once we give a taste test,

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