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March 28 Fitness

Hi today. It’s a gloomy day. I had a, so, you know,

If you paid attention, gloomy days are never good days for me. They’re always just terrible. I hate gloomy days there. It just makes me that’s water in the bag.

Right there. That’s water, sparkling water. There’s just gloomy, man is, is Then maybe something about the sun gives me energy. It gives me new life, gets me excited for the day. But when it’s gray and raining all day, it’s kind of like, man, I have no energy. Let’s just sleep and get the day over with now. Obviously I didn’t sleep all day And it’s my project, my grand project, at least all the recordings are done now. I’m just waiting for the transcriptions and then we’ll print them out. And then we got to start printing her, started editing. So finishing that project was good, but at the same time, it was a project that it really wore me out. So that was part of the reason today. I was just kind of,

Kind of blah, cause

A lot of energy into finishing that project this morning worked out fine, worked out or rode the bike hour. No problem actually would finish the hour, came faster than I thought I was. Wasn’t even paying attention. I was more or less worried about the TV show. It was already been 20 minutes and I didn’t even notice or 20 miles. And I noticed that that’s always a good thing. Now on the treadmill, I was trying to convince myself I was starving all day. So, and then I ordered some pizza cause it was a cheat day, right?

Usually the

Only takes like 30 minutes. Well, today it took an hour and a half. So they’re not just made me a little bit more lethargic and not wanting to do anything just because now I’m was waiting. I was like, cause the whole time I didn’t the reason I didn’t start when I ordered the pizza. Cause I was like, you know, if I start running right now, they’re going to get here while I’m running. So I waited and I waited and waited and waited. And then by then it was, I was a, what do you call it? Sunk costs. I couldn’t run then. So I had to finish waiting, which took an hour and a half. So that was just a motivation killer in the 18th power about not wanting to run. Cause now I was starving. I had to eat. Couldn’t take a nap after eating and had to go straight to the treadmill and run. So I went into the day. I wanted to go and be lazy, right. And just run at five miles per hour. But I reminded myself that no, no, no. As much as you want to be lazy, don’t Write, You know, 5.6 is capable. You’ve been able to do it. There’s no possible there’s no probable reason why you should go backwards. So with that advice in head, I started off at 5.6 without even contemplating the thought of going to five.

All right. How about 11 minutes in? I sped up, I went up to 5.9

And I ran. I ran that and I was like, you know, this is very easy. Then when we got to about 20 minutes, it was about yeah, about 20 minutes. It was, well, it was right when it turned two miles. So it was right under 22 minutes. Cause you know, at the time it wasn’t exactly six minutes per mile or 10 minutes per mile. It’s a little bit over. And at that point, once it hit two miles, I was like, you know what, hell or high water water, I’m going to get three miles in 30 minutes. So I sped it all the way up to seven miles per hour and ran out. It wasn’t really difficult. Now I could feel my chest burning. Right. Which was a good sensation. That means that I’m expanding to my brain or my, my lungs right now when I’m running at six or five and six, it’s not very difficult.

I’m not expanding. My lungs are not taking deep breaths. But when I went up to 76, it’s forcing me to take deeper breasts, which is expanding my lungs, which is a good thing. Now I’m not at the point where I’m going to just start off at seven and go there. Now we’re still starting off at 5.6. But to be able to still run the three miles, it took me 29 minutes and 40 seconds. So it’s not like I’m destroying through miles and can run it backwards, but I’m still beating my goal even after yesterday where I didn’t feel like running it at all, but I forced myself to go above and beyond and run the whole hour, which was great. So to rebound off of a day like that and to just still be motivated and continuously do it is what, what we’re all looking for while we’re doing this. It’s just find the motivation, find that inner, that inner self that just won’t accept failure and just keep doing it. All right. Time, shower, talk to you later.

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