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Body Evaluation not sure which day?

All right. Well, hopefully you guys can see us. It’s difficult. I don’t know how I did it the first couple of times where it was over. There we go. That’s a good view. All right. So we’re still, we’re still fat. All right. Don’t get me wrong. That’s me pushing all the way out. So little by little right there. I mean, this is trying to get the best view, like with my back straight. Cause I mean, I could link down like this, but then not just kind of making myself, I don’t know. We often, I mean, arm’s getting a little bit better getting a little bit more definition. Are you here? All right. Can’t show the legs. I should have, I shouldn’t afford his pants. Right. So then I would just be able to show you, but again, me taking the pants office suggested.

So I don’t know. I don’t want to do that. Let’s see. Yeah, we, I mean, you can see, I mean, there you go a little bit before I wasn’t able to do that. I know my legs are starting to feel a bit better just because I’m one of them riding a bike for an hour. All right. And then I’m also running for 20 minutes. My chest, my wind it’s difficult, right? Because I, I still, I’m not doing my, my heart rate, so I need to like focus more on my heart rate. But hopefully within maybe next week or the week after that, we’re start worrying about diet more. Give me a little bit more time to, you know, get accustomed to this hour long bike ride in the morning times. And I still get to do a sit ups.

So I’m trying to incorporate sit-ups with the bike ride, right? One, cause it’s cold in this house. What am I in my room? It’s one. But when I go over to the treadmill, it’s, it’s freezing. So laying on the ground and doing or sit-ups, I don’t feel like doing that in the goal. So I’m trying to figure like the most, most efficient way for me to do it where I’m not complaining about doing it and where I will do it. So I’m trying to solve that problem. But other than that, when my neck is killing me, I woke up. I think that might be part of the reason today was just a slow day. Couldn’t move my neck. You know how it kind of go, I’d have to go like this to move around. Their neck hurts. You got that’s how it’s been all day, but I’m feeling better. Right? world of difference got more air. You can breathe better. Kinda. I don’t know if it sounds weird, but even like my perspective on things is a lot different. Right? So before it’s just weird how the better you feel the night, it’s just like the days are brighter. If that makes any sense, aren’t going to take shower.

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