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March 3 Body Evaluation

Alright, ask me and pushing all the way out. This is me normal. I don’t know. Well, y’all think I’m thinking it’s getting a little bit better. I wish the light in here is a little bit better, but it’s all good. Chest is, is better still about the jiggling. That’s instilled out the love handles, but we’re gonna start juicing the next week. So hopefully that’s going to give us, or get rid of some of this, this blob right here that is just stubbornly. Won’t go anywhere. My cardio’s up, which is really nice. I is Ghana running longer? Not quite as winded when I walk around, I’m, I’m feeling more definition in my pictorial muscles, arms feeling a little bit tighter. I’m not really sure if they’re growing, but it just all around them feeling healthier. I can’t move a mountain yet, but you know, progress over perfection.

I’m really thinking that those extra pushups in the morning time are gonna start paying dividends. Not really quite sure. And then, like I was saying in the weekly video or the daily videos, I’m gonna raise the weight. Not much. So I’m not, I’m not gonna go King Kong on everybody, but I’m wanting to raise the weight probably five pounds. I did not this week. So we’ll probably have one more, one more body evil with the same weight, but probably the week after that, I’m going to amp it up just a little bit and put a little bit more weight on what we’re doing and then, you know, slowly but surely we need to add more because I know we’re, it seems like we’re doing a lot, but really just doing cardio. So the bulking and the begin and the growing’s not going to come from us, decreasing our mass.

Right. So right now, what we’re literally trying to do is slim down. And by doing so much running and doing so much like bike cycling, you know, we’re doing a couple pushups, one little smack, one little set up thing, or a couple sets of things, but that’s not going to get up, give us the bulk. It was the, the, the massive growth that, that some people associate with working out. Right? So as the time progresses, like, I didn’t want to bulk up really fast just because I had muscle memory. So my muscles remember being like, can work out a lot faster and I can grow faster than someone who hasn’t been in a gym and hasn’t been active their whole life. So part of this was going so unbelievably slow. So one building a better habit. And then two, I didn’t want to discourage anyone from starting, right?

So by this level would probably give it like another month, month and a half. Like right now it’s March. I’m in. No hurry if you’re in. No hurry. So we might talk about may or April, mid April really get heavy into bulking up adding legs, squats, bench, press, all that kind of stuff, but we’re going slow. And I hope you guys are enjoying going slow. I’m S I can tell a little difference. I’m not going to lie this week. Well, before I really couldn’t tell a difference. My hair is getting hot longer besides that part but I can feel a difference and I can start to see a difference. So I’m happy about that taken awhile, but slowly, slowly, but surely I can see a difference. And remember this progress over perfection. Take shower now. See you later. 

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