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March 10 Body Evaluation

All right. Body Val, That’s me pushing out right there. So I think I’ve lost some weight. What do you guys think? Well, actually that’s a lot. I have not lost any weight. I weighed myself yesterday. I’m still at 200 pounds. So my weight is just converted from blubbery, terrible newness, which we still got Glover, or I don’t get it wrong. We’re not where we need to be, but we are getting much better, much better.


Not quite as, I mean, we still have to work hard here. Like our love handles. That’s probably the next thing that’s going to be. My main focus is, is trying to do more, like sit ups to the side, you know, try to kill the, kill this over here and kill this over here. My pictorials are working pretty nice. It’s starting to warm up. The more, the warmer it gets. The more we add, like like we know arms

Showing a little bit of definition. I can’t really see if my skin is better, but I mean, I feel better feel more like I feel healthier. Right. I asked what I’ll say, I’ll say I feel healthier. I’m not going to say I feel amazing. Cause I don’t, I’m not going to say everything’s great cause it’s not. But do I feel better than I did before? Yes. I think I’ve been doing juicing for the last couple of days. I do not think that that’s working. I think it’s having to inverse an inverse reaction towards my body. Think I was already pretty healthy. And then me just shooting myself with vegetables and nothing else. It’s, it’s eating the fat. It’s not, it’s not doing what I wanted it to do. Cause it’s, it’s really killing. It’s killing my, my energy. And it’s making like the workout a lot harder than it should be a lot harder than it was last week. So besides the fact that it looks like my muscles in my body’s coming back together, I’m gonna leave it like that. Keep it going. I hopefully you have been doing the same thing a week. Excuse me, a weekly body eval. If you haven’t, you should start. Cause you know, you won’t see your change unless you do a weekly Ebell so talk to you guys next week. Have a great one. Stay motivated.

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