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Grape Strawberries Squash Apple Pear Broccoli – March 14 Ingredients

Good morning. Let’s see. Sorry. I didn’t didn’t make a video last night. I was tired and well, really, I need to schedule the times that I drank these does juice way better. Cause trying to drink three big glasses of, of juice. Basically three liters of water every day is, is quite filling. But not like feeling as in, I just finished a big meal feeling as in, I do not want to drink anything for the rest of the day. That type of feeling, because it’s just like a whole bunch of water is kind of sitting on my stomach. And if you’ve ever done that before, it’s kind of like every time you walk you’re sloshing around. So it was difficult for me to try to make a third video yesterday. Daylight savings kind of screwed me up. Didn’t we’re an hour ahead now because it’s spring.

So we spring forward. Yeah, I kind of screwed me up. That’s why it’s light outside. I think it’s almost nine o’clock in the morning, but it’s really like eight o’clock in the morning. If that makes sense. So kind of screwed me up. So we got broccoli, we got pear little Apple, little grapes, a squash and some strawberries. And of course we got a little bit of the ginger, right? Give a little flavor. I still haven’t figured out what ginger does for you. So sorry. Bear with me. All right. So we got the, let’s go to our trusty book. I’m going to make a book of this. Give me a little bit, and I’m going to have more, the more fruits and vegetables. So before the end of the month, you will be able to purchase my book and follow along. All right. So let’s go with the fruit. Let’s go with the grapes, vitamin C and K potassium, cancer prevention, blood pressure regulation, chronic chronic disease prevention. So that’s what this little do right there. So now we got Apple.

Our Apple is vitamin C potassium, Sutent, heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention. Now let’s go to our pair cause it’s cause I see it right here faster. We have vitamin K, C E N a potassium, niacin, digestive health, heart health, skin protection, cancer prevention, and allergy relief. So this would be probably we need to drink a lot of pear juice cause we’re about to be spring and have and everything in the air. Let’s get to the strawberry vitamin C and magnesium full late heart health, blood, sugar control and cancer prevention. It’s worth squash. I want to say the squash was really healthy for us. I don’t remember though. It might’ve been the zucchini. Oh no. Diabetes management and lug Hmong health. Yeah. Squash vitamins, a C and E or E N B6. Nyson diabetes management anti-inflammation and lung health. All right. So I guess if you do a lot of smoking and he did loss smoking in the past, eating some, some squash is good for you. What is the pear pear? We that for allergy relief. So let’s get that in. As you know, I will talk to you guys in just a second. I need both hands do blend this up with our Mueller juicer that you can buy on Amazon. So I will talk to you in just a minute.

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