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Cilantro Red Leaf Lettuce Kiwi Apple – Ingredients

All right. So this morning we got cilantro or coriander where we got readily red lettuce. We got our Apple room put in a little bit more fruit and then this morning, just cause I want to I’m going to fill up the glass a little bit more. I’m hungry. Got a little key. We got strawberry. And then we got cabinets. Yes. It’s cabbage this time. It’s not a cauliflower. Now let’s go and get to our vegetable list and see. All right. So out of our fruit, we got our Apple again. We’re just, this is just a regular Apple. Doesn’t go into the colors, which we’ll do probably later has vitamin C potassium, keratin or cure 10 heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention. Let’s see if they have the key we up here the key week, right there. Vitamin C and K and E folate potassium. Anti-Inflammation respiratory health, digestive health immunity boost, eye health, blood pressure regulation. So that little fruit right there. It doesn’t, there’s a whole bunch. That’s that’s very interesting. All right, let’s see. Strawberry vitamin C Magnan Lee. See full late health, heart blood, sugar control and cancer prevention. All right. Let’s get into the veggies.

I don’t think, I think it was just having lettuce, lettuce, the red, excuse me, red leaf lettuce. I just thought, but we’re go cabbage, which is vitamin C K full light magnet. Nice. Anti-Inflammatory digestive health, heart health and cholesterol health. Yeah, they don’t have red lettuce. Red leaf lettuce was do well. It says all of them on here. Vitamins a and K potassium, zinc, full leg. Anti-Inflammatory patients, sleep aid, anti-anxiety relief and core render. Cilantro. Nope. In this book, they do not have what I’m looking for for this one, but Oh, well, let’s get the juicing and I will show you guys once I’m drinking.

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