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Carrots Apple Strawberry Onion Cucumber – Ingredients

Good morning. All right.

And you can see it’s still nice and dark outside. I think it’s about six o’clock in the morning. It’s time for our breakfast. We have cabbage, which we’ll go over here. Excuse me. And vitamin C and K full late Meg magnet, knees. Anti-Inflammation digestive health, heart health, cholesterol health. I’m trying to the inflammation. I, since I am working out and everything, I don’t have any protein. Well, I’m not really shooting myself with a lot of protein. So inflammation just sounded like a good idea. I could be completely wrong, but whatever. Let’s go. We have this nice red. Well, let’s get a cucumber first cucumber again. Here we go. Vitamins, K and C magnesium, potassium, hydration, weight loss, blood, sugar control, and bowel regulation. We got carrots. Let’s see. We’re all under the seas, right? This is for a M C N B six, vitamins, potassium, eye health, skin health, and cancer prevention. I have a little bit of eczema. So hopefully with the skin health and the hydration, it will start helping that out a little bit. Cause I’m, you know, literally shooting myself with whatever vitamins are supposed to be for skin health. Now I wanted to try something. This is my experiment is my walnuts. I’m not sure if my walnuts are going to do anything or even if they’re going to crush, make any juice, but whatever, we’re going to try it let’s see onion.

It does not look like they have onion. It looks like later today. We’re probably going to have sweet potato, but they don’t have onion. That’s crazy. All right. So I do not know what benefits is. Onions going to bring me, but let’s get to the strawberries and Apple. So Apple again, this is the, this is a pink lady, apples. So it’s, this is more generic, probably has more sugar than anything else. Vitamin C potassium, quercitin heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention. Now let’s get back to our strawberries. We’re not doing Kiwis this morning. We’ll do that probably tomorrow morning. I just wanted to try, try something different strawberry vitamin C magnesium, fol, late heart health, blood sugar control and cancer prevention. All right. So we’re probably going to mush up most all of this right here. I know the hope the cucumber is going to be gone. At least half the onion is going to be gone. A lot of carrots and probably most of that cabbage gonna be gone. Cause we gotta fill that cup over there. All right. See you guys once I’m ready to drink it.

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