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Carrot Apple Kale – Ingredients

Good morning. It is light out time. I just have a little, my just finished riding the bike. Did my stretching did some pushups. Now it’s time to nourish my body with some great vegetables and fruit and great nourishment. So we got some strawberries, which is typical for the morning. As you remember, we got something new today. We got some kale, right? We’ve got apples, which is typical for the morning. Our carrots to kind of help with our eyes. We’re going to end re-introduce the Kiwi for the morning. The Apple light or the onion idea was absolutely horrendous. I will not be doing that again. Then we also have our cabinets, so let’s go into our book and see what type of nerd and nutrients we’re going to be giving ourselves today. So we’re starting with the vegetables. We got cabbage just in kit. We’re going to keep doing it.

I know. All right, no, there you go. Vitamin C and K full late man. Nuggies anti-inflammation digestive health, heart health and cholesterol health. We got our carrot right here, which is, excuse me there. And there we go. Vitamins a C and B6, potassium, eye health, skin, health, and cancer prevention. Now we got our kale, right? This is a super fit greens, kale whatever that is. There we go. Vitamins, a K and C Magna knees, cholesterol, health, cancer prevention, eye health, and weight loss. What are these videos? I’m going to make a video where I explain what vitamins a and K and C and all these other things, what they are. Cause it doesn’t. That’s great that I’m reading this, but I don’t know what that, what that does for us. No, it’s good for all right. Let’s go into our fruits. So we got our key.

Okay. Right here. We got C K N E pho, late potassium. Anti-Inflammation respiratory health, digestive health immunity, boost, eye health, blood pressure regulation. Ooh. Look at that. You have to keep wheat that’s right there. That little thing right there. It’s really helpful for you. Let’s get onto the strawberry and the Apple strawberry right here. Vitamin C Magna Annie’s fol late heart health, blood sugar control and cancer prevention. Alright, now back to the apples. All right. Again, each Akbar, Apple could be different. We are specifically the ones that we have now are those what? Sweet lady apples. We have vitamin C potassium, Sutent, heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention. All right. Just like every other morning we will. Or every other time that I juice, we will, again, this is the green juicing receipt recipe book. Talk to you guys in a little bit.

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