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Meanwhile, I was looking around on this, on the side, doing market research might as well, film it and let you guys see what type of market research I’m doing today. We are on Investopedia, right? Let’s first check out how many people come to this site?

So we got 69 million people come to this site per month, right? It’s number eight in mining. It’s investing. That’s great, but that’s not right. That’s that’s just good information. You know, so we know that we have them enter like 50, some 50 plus million people looking at this page every month. Now let’s look at the advertisements.


Two, three. All right. That’s not that bad word. See, where, where does this take us?

No, that’s that’s interesting. I look at this. This is a, a clear advertisement, right? But as an advertisement for Investopedia, when you’re on their site, it makes absolutely no sense. I’m not quite sure why you would do that. So here’s another one. All right. Now let’s go in here. This is where the advertisement started popping up. You see, it’s taking a little bit of time

And this is also, uh, add choices, uh, choices. Let’s

Ads by Google. Look at that ads by Google.

All right. Well, I’m going to stop touching all the ads because so far I’m touching the ads and it’s restarting everything. Oh, look at this one. This one, won’t let you touch it.

But you see, they got their standard three different columns. So the add up on top, which is standard. You got your three, your little rows over here, your, your meat of your page. And then this whole entire side is advertisements. Part of what I wanted to do is it lets you know right here, advertiser disclosure. This means that when you click, these are here, they get a commission. Now I personally want to know which financial companies give you a commission, just because, okay, what they’re doing. So there’s two different things that you have to understand what’s going on in this page. So they’re collecting ad money. And then right here, this is not ad money, right? They’re not going to collect ad money from that. They’re going to collect an affiliate fee. Right? So as in, let’s just count how many on this page? One, two,

Three, four,

Five, six, seven, eight, eight. But I’m not really sure. Cause there’s no little button that says this is an ad. Right? You see I’m clicking. I’m not trying to click. Yeah, I did it.


All right. Did not mean to do that. But what happens here is part of what I wanted to see is over here and over here, they’re affiliate links. They’re not ads, which means that I want to take a picture of this, Which means that you click here. They’re getting a per they’re getting however much. I mean, it all depends on the program, but I just wanted to point that out now let’s

Let’s see something.

I liked how that ad kind of came down on, you know? Nevermind. It’s come down and then it goes back up. It’s it’s kind of in the way. Yup. It’s a Google ad. It was just this. All right. July 14th. Well, let’s remember is now the most important key to this is, remember how the page is set up. Right? Because eat if each and every one of these pages it’s the same, then it’s telling us something about ad arbitrage. Now remember we got one, two, one, add two, add three, Four, five, six, seven. Okay. You see the difference. This is a Google ad, right? This E-Trade ad right here is a Google ad. It says, add on top fidelity. This is also a Google ad, right? There’s a, there’s a reason why I’m gonna show you that

These are not ads. Okay?

So like I said, I’m, I don’t think these are ads. They’re the same ones over and over and over again per page. And there’s no, no speculation saying it’s an ad. So I’m guessing that is a,

The affiliate link

In a different little tutorial class, whatever you want to call this, we’ll go over other affiliate links and then we’ll go over. Why they’re doing this or why, why a company would not, would advertise the products, but then also try to sell the products themselves because they’re getting a double whammy. So Merrill Lynch or Verizon, or where is it? Merrill Lynch has pain to have. They’re like, all right, let me let’s explain this. No idea how much Merrill Lynch pays. However, alright fine. We’ll just do this. I’ll show you

Remember. They’re over 10 million. Like they’re getting paid $3 million a year. Great. If you don’t, it’s over 10 million people. So this, I don’t know. Let’s just guesstimate. How many? Let’s just say a million people

See that one particular. Let’s just say this, this ad right here, this Merrill Lynch, right? Or this E-Trade account right there. So let’s just say hypothetically speaking every month, because they’re on a lot of different pages, 890,000 people. See those two ads know mind you, this is all kind of, you got to grasp the concept. Don’t take my words, literal, grasp the concept of what I’m saying. So off of those two ads, they’re getting paid, let’s say $300,000 a year, right? Because a million people see these, this page and they’re there. So they’re making $300,000 by fidelity by E trade or I buy Merrill Lynch. Right? So they’re getting paid to put those advertisements on the page, but then they’re also getting paid because if you pay attention, if you’re reading an article, right, this is kind of like subliminal messaging. Right. So you see that, right?

You’re reading, you’re reading, reading, reading, see the Merrill Lynch ad. You’re like, okay. Yeah, that’s great. Oh, okay. Now we got E-Trade and we had fidelity. Right? All while you’re reading this article and you’re paying attention, you’re supplementally seeing these things, but not paying attention to remember this is at, I paid, there’s a reason why they’re doing it this way. They didn’t just do it this way just because it think, I thought it was a good idea. Sounded good. There’s a reason why they’re doing this. So they’re warming up your mind on different brokerages. And then at the very end, they got you, your brokerages with the name and the description of what it is. You click that they get paid. So they’re getting paid from the, these exact companies to basically warm you up throughout the article. And then when you click their ad, because if you notice the ads stopped right here. So you still have a decent amount of articles to read before you’re hit with the final advertisement. So it’s kind of like a funnel. It’s a sales page. There’s a reason why they’re doing it. They’re trying to get you to read page. So the top of the page pays for this. Right. They’re generating capital. And then on the side, they get a little bit more. I’ll show you what I’m talking about. Cause let’s see if there’s any more. Okay.

What is a key currency now again, let’s look at our advertisements here all the way here and then we’ll see how they break their affiliate offers. Oh. And uh, we see. So every last one was, I mean, besides Verizon, if you’re paying attention to this, right, you, you can kind of start seeing what I’m talking about. So getting paid, getting paid, I don’t even know what this is. Nurses, families, whatever that is. They’re getting paid the bettering your up and then boom. You click these, they get paid again. And then here’s a bottom one. All right. Only to see this advertised, what does, what do they talk about to die? All right. What, what is this? [inaudible] Okay. This is great. Um, but what is it?

All right for everybody out there. Just a quick little thing. This is all great information. Great. I have no idea what this company is. Ha, there we go. There’s was a publisher. I’ve never heard of him.

They weren’t publisher of the year. I have never even heard of them. And I’ve heard of one of the companies, but anyways, if you are publishing your visual view of content, here’s another little, little company I got to pay attention to. If we’re going to focus on cocktails, you know, I don’t organic traffic

I’m not going to lie. I don’t like this website very much. Um, it doesn’t

It’s actually a pretty sh Oh, excuse my. Friend’s a pretty website. Cause I still, I mean, I understand there are publishing website, but there’s just a whole bunch of just noise on here. It’s just, doesn’t just tell me what the hell to do. I don’t care about your brands. Cause all this is going to do is literally bring me to their websites, which is not going to help me do anything. Let me show you

How did this help me? I still do not know what this company can do for you. The only thing I know is that it works with a whole bunch of different companies, our work. See again, it doesn’t tell your anyways.

I mean, they’re great with numbers and all that, but um,

Where do you sign up? So I guess if you want to have inquiries, you have to go really, really stupid old school and send an inquiry. Like that’s just stupid. It cannot be making that much money on this place. You got to do something that old school let’s see how many people come to this website a month.

So 200,000 people come to that site per month. I guess it’s an ad network. I’m still not. I have no idea what this is. Let’s go back to invest it. So it is, it’s saying that if you want to advertise with them, go there, but then you go to this site and who knows what this is. It’s not very helpful. Like at all,

Uh, do some more research, but we’re getting off the topic on doc dash. So we’re going right back over here. So we’re going to summit this little sector up. Let’s go to in the news today. See if we find a different ad network. We know this one right here is a Google ad in the market news. This is an advertisement ad preferences. What is this ad from? All right. We know what ad market is, is from local doc. I don’t know. Cause that’s just the ad. Is this the same thing? Okay. And there it is. So I guess is, I don’t know what that is weird. Any who? Cause I don’t understand how you click this. You’re at this. And then it brings you to It’s just weird how they’re doing that. But there you go. And then you got your affiliate links Lite there. Okay.

Just click this and see one more because after a while it gets kind of interesting to see where they place their ads. So I’m surprised on this one, they only have two ads on this page. It must have not been a very popular page. No, I, I need you guys to understand this. So what Google’s going to do, which is this is, this is absolutely ingenious. So they have these brokerage companies that they collect and affiliate, right? So if you click on any of those by accident, then Google is going to track what you are looking for. So it’s going to throw you their ads. So this personal capital or an empower company, uh, I don’t know which one, this is personal capital, same one.

What was this? I’ve never even seen an Instagram ad. That’s crazy. So yeah, that is how that’s the last one we did on CNBC. This one’s Investopedia ad arbitrage. Now remember we found, we talked a little bit about affiliate marketing and how they are warming the traffic up to present the offer at the bottom, which they get paid for. Um, we found, uh, some different ad network that don’t dot dash, which you got to have to do a little bit more of your own due diligence. Because when I, this video is not for that, I will do it later, uh, on a different video. But this one was surely just trying to look at what type of ad arbitrage they had on here. Like the type of ads get paid. And then like what they’re doing is a whole bunch of advertisements. And then they’re warming you up by seeing this things. [inaudible] whatever that is warming you up to at the bottom, selling you on each and every one of these pages. So it’s let me put that in.

I did a rough count. Now you see this little thing right here. It says, see complete list. I did not do the complete list. I did a rough count of just these right here. And I think it was something like 640 different ones, 640 different pages. So 640 different opportunities for people to see the sequence of ads and be warmed up to, uh, sign up for one of the brokerage accounts that they are offering for you. Now again, dot dash have to kind of understand like what that is. I’m not quite sure what, how, how dot dash helps them out, but figure it out later on. All right. Have a good one.