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What I Learned From Tai Lopez

Good morning. Good night. Good evening, whatever time it is for you. Uh, before I started reading a book, I just finished the class, um, with Tai Tai Lopez. I don’t know if you know who he is. Um, I’m doing this video right now, but if you’re watching this video, I’ll probably put a little picture so you can, you know, cause sometimes it helps when you see picture to remember. Right. Cause I don’t, I, me personally, I can’t remember anybody’s name. Right. But if I see a picture that I remember a picture or, but the reason I’m making this video is I really want to express like what I learned and like for maybe a lot of people see the ad and think it’s full of a whole bunch of like, just crap. Well, that’s at least that’s what I thought a few years ago. Right.

I seen his juice is about what three, four years ago I seen one of his videos and it was him with a Ferrari or Lamborghini or something like that, some fancy car or whatever. And I just thought it was like the biggest hoax, the biggest scam. And then I seen through, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this other thing, click banks. And I was like, Whoa, no, I guess at least he has it up there and let me see if I can promote load it. But then it was like, he won’t, he couldn’t promote, unless you bought one of his programs. I was like, Oh, that’s even more of a scam. Like there’s no way he has his stuff has to be crap. Right. But then I don’t know what it was. It was, it was like last year. Cause I had been taking classes like on the stock market over and over and over again. And I haven’t had very much of any success. The only successful thing that I’ve had on the stock market isn’t successfully at losing money. Right.

But then, so I was looking for a different app and I was like, man, I have been doing this consistently over and over and over it’s to the point where it’s insane. All right. So I had to find something different and what I did was like, I was like, you know what, I’m going to take a chance. All right. And just by chance, like maybe, maybe Ty heard me say it in my mind or whatever, because it just so happened. I got an email from him and he was throwing an unbelievable sale discount on one of his courses. I was like, you know what? It’s so unbelievably cheap. I cannot pass this up. So I went ahead and bought it and it was the e-commerce and I started listening to a little bit and, but I’m not going to lie like on a lot of his courses, what he does is he’s a marketer, so he’ll do the beginning course.

And then the rest of it will be somebody else. Right. And I didn’t enjoy that as much. Like yes, it was, it was great to listen to, but not all of them had the same voices tie, if that makes sense. Like some people are really easy to listen to and some people are not right. Some like some of the people on there were real salesy or whatever, but the, that I attained was amazing. Right. But it was, it’s a lot, all at one time, if that makes any sense as well. Like it is a lot of information it’s like BombBomb, like you’re bombarded with without course upon hours upon hours information. And is it all relevant? Is it all yes. But it’s also a learning process. Like if you think that you’re going to jump into the program and watch all the videos in an hour, it’s impossible.

Right. It is literally impossible. It’s set up for you to take time. All right. So it’s, it’s broken down into steps. Right. But that’s the e-commerce right, right. I mean, you can also search for that, but then later I took, uh, another one of his courses, you know, on, on the e-commerce I just kind of picked and chose. Right. I kinda, cause I like it, it was a great introduction, but my mind, like I wasn’t ready for all the information they were giving. All right. Is it, like I said, it was, it was a whole bunch, but it was worth every penny that I spent because it got me to open a store. Right. I’m in the e-commerce, uh, world now. Right. And it, you know, I sell books online and then I took another one of his little courses where it was a little bit more, uh, they had more like on Amazon and it, cause I hadn’t the easiest way for me to start was through Amazon.

Right. And so like, uh, I started through Amazon right now. I have, uh, an Amazon bookstore. All right. I started with all different types of products, but for me, you know, books worked and uh, for, you know, more than just one reason, it’s easy for, I, I have a, like a supply, right. So when everything you need supply, because if you don’t have a consistent supply, then you know, no matter how much demand do you have your product, it’s not gonna work for you. Right. Because you’re just going to run out of supply. So I have a consistent supply. And then through Amazon I have a consistent demand. So it works perfect for me. Right. I’m not saying it’s going to work perfect for you, but it like books work for me. But, uh, so that was in the mid summer. So, you know, after six months give or take, right.

I started trusting and trusting his, his, his ideology and the way he kind of carries himself and, and you know, I was like, all right, you know what, the next time there’s a sale. I’m just going to get as much as I can. All right. Cause like, this is just, it’s just too good. All right. And I really wanted to get like more of his programs, like the programs like his flagship programs, I guess you could say like the five minute mentor, which you’ll see, there’s a link to that on, on this. And there was a reason for that. And I’ll get to that in just a minute. But the other classes, like the 67 steps and the 12 foundations and things like that and like the credit mentor. But you know, I gotten to that, I’m in the middle of 67 steps. I’m on step 60, which, uh, he kind of forces me to slow down.

Right. Because he will not unlock the next video for the next day. So I I’m waiting for step 61, which on that’s consistently 67 days or 61 days that I’ve been watching it. So is it, is it good? I mean, proof is in the pudding, right? Like I just told you, I would have already finished it. But if he’s putting me on a restriction for one a day, right. So that’s why I haven’t finished because I am not allowed to yet. But if he would have allowed me, I would have finished it already because I mean, it’s that good? But what, like, it’s, let me just put it like this. Like the information that I’m getting is, is so good that I’m not, since he restricting me on the 67 steps and I was like, well, you know what, Ty, you know, screw you and then I’ll figure something else out.

So I started watching the 12 foundations. Now I’m almost done with the 12 foundations. I think I got like two more classes left. But so now my mind is kind of mixed up in both of them, but they’re both unbelievable relevant and they work, right. Like my mentality has as like, is his gimmick on, I was not really gimmick, but he expresses his is, um, through your 67 steps, the reason why it’s for 67 days and the reason other reasons he doesn’t want you to do all in one day is the simple fact that it’s transforming your mind. Right now, I’ve read a lot of books. Like he discussed discusses books, which is great, you know, you know, like I already told you I have a, I own a bookstore. So I also have a love for books. Right. And I mean, he probably has more books than I do, but I can get up there.

All right. And just for simple fact, like, you know, I own a bookstore, but like, so I’ve read a lot, a lot of books on, on personality and like changing. Like if you want to change yourself, like the Kaizen way, like different like personalities, I have a class myself, if you want to go to that on the Kaizen and like through, well, through the kite, me taking reading the CA like taking some, uh, excuse me, taking some ties classes in the beginning of the year, I got me to the point of like reading more books. Right. Cause he always talking about books and then, you know, obviously starting my bookstore. And then through that, I found some great books on like, uh, the Kaiser. I don’t know if you’re, you’re aware of that, but it’s kinda, it’s kind of, it runs with like the 67 steps in a sense.

Cause it like the 67 steps it’s cause in, in change you have two different types of change. You have the innovative way and you have the Kaizen way. Right. And through my class, I kind of talk about that, but I just like the Kaizen way and how you can progress and, and like the, to accomplish any kind of challenge you have in life. Right. And so like, one of the challenges is having, is just going ahead and jumping in and starting the courses. But through reading the different books that I have in my bookstore, obviously like I, and then creating a class actually helped me. So if you want to, if you want information on that, right. You can somewhere around here, there’s a link to that as well. But back to what I’m talking about with Tai, so I’m taking two of his courses right now, the 67 steps and the 12 foundations.

Now those are a little bit more advanced. Like I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t say, start with those and that’s why I’m not, I’m off person. I personally am not telling you to start with those because one they’re more expensive. Right. So more expensive means that you have to put more down. Right. And so you might not have that. Right. And it’s all about like changing your mentality and things. And so right now, if you’re looking at this, you probably are in a situation where you don’t have everything that you want. Right. So with the program below, right, the five minute mentor is and, and promoting like the Kaizen way, right? The 67 steps is huge, right? They’re they’re, they’re longer courses. They’re hour 30 minutes. Right? Well the five minute mentor, you know? And so that’s more innovative, right? It’s bigger. It’s longer, it’s more expensive.

Right. But the easier way, the slower way, the, the way where it’s so easy, it’s almost impossible to fail. All right. Is, is basically the 67 or excuse me, the five minute mentor, because all Thai saying is like, look, give me five minutes a day. That’s it. And you’re like, okay, we all have five minutes. Right. Stuck in traffic. All right. You got five minutes taking a shower, you know, going to the bathroom to other kind of bathroom. You know what I mean? Five minutes. So you all have five minutes in the day while you’re cooking, you know what I mean? Yeah. Five minutes while you even, I mean, is, is so relevant. Like you could even listen to the five minutes over dinner with your family. Right. It’s it’s that relevant. So it’s things that even your kids should listen to. Right? So while you’re having lunch or breakfast or whatever, you can pop it on, listen to your five minutes, get your five minute motivation and you’re done for the day.

Right. Don’t even do anymore. Right. And that’s part of like the Kaizen do it, do, do start so small that it’s impossible for you to fail. So what I’m asking you to do and what I mean with ties, I’ll ask him in the program, but what I’m saying is do this and start with $5 or no, excuse me. Start with five minutes a day. And then the price is so unbelievably cheap. It’s again, impossible to fail. It’s literally $1 for, I think it’s $1 a day for the first three days, you know, as, as in, uh, like your introductory and then if you want it, it’s $7 a month. So literally $7 a month could change. Right? Could change your, your, your, your mind frame, your change of thought everything. I mean, cause it has, for me, I wouldn’t even be talking about this. It, if it wasn’t such information that, that I’m over here, like gotta wait till tomorrow.

Right? For the next video, because I’m on the 67 steps. But with this, like this, this, this course is such a great introductory course. That of course you gotta, uh, you gotta start from the beginning, right. A thousand mile journey begins with one step. And this is the beginning step that I think like all everybody should take and it’s so unbelievably cheap, right? For you to start off, that’s impossible to fail. All right. It’s if you smoke cigarettes, it’s less than a pack a day. All right. If you’re in New York and you smoke cigarettes, my goodness, it’s like $10 for a pack is $7 for a whole month. Right. That’s 30, you know, whatever classes. So let’s just look at it like that. Gas, how much is milk, a cup of coffee at Starbucks? Like we’re talking about like even Netflix, what Netflix is seven, 10, $10 a month or something like that.

$8 a month. So it’s cheaper than all those other services. But those services don’t really like enhance your brain, right? With this, you can enhance your brain. And the next thing you know, you know, that Starbucks will be, will be even less, right. It won’t be taken as much money out of, out of your monthly income. Right. Because there’s, this whole thing is to change your mentality, to like give you the life that you want and more freedom. Right. And, and, and more income and more financial freedom or more happiness, more wealth. Right. And so if you have that, then that same cup of Starbucks every morning is costs you less money. Right. Cause it’s less money out of your overall income that you’re making. Right. So sacrifice one day of Starbucks to pay for this whole month and see what happens in the next six months. And then come back, find me and be like, you know what, you’re amazing. Thank you so much for turning me onto this. It changed my life. And also, you know, tell Ty, but you know, tell me first, you know what I mean? Alright. Have a good one.