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March 20 Night Time Taste Test

No, don’t do that. Don’t do that. Yes.

All right. Hopefully the whole drink doesn’t taste like that. That was Sorry. There you go. Now you can watch me stir, just kind of, you know, back and forth in circular motions, you know, kind of starting our, just like you would stir anything else. All right. Let’s give it a shot. Let’s give it away.

Thank God for the grapes and strawberries. I can taste the, like literally I tasted the strawberry and I think it’s the grape. The only reason I say, I think it’s the grape is because it’s, it’s, it’s a feel, it’s a taste that I was tasting this morning and there’s only two things in here that was from the morning and it was the strawberry and the grape. So it has to be one of those. And, and this morning we didn’t have as much room for strawberries and strawberry has a distinct flavor. So earlier I kind of thought it was the celery. Excuse me. It was

On my mind. But

Now that, cause if you remember this morning, I was kind of saying, you know, it has less than a meaty flavor and it has more of like a kind of cool and refreshing flavor. And in this, I, it has that same kind of cool, refreshing flavor that this morning add,

Excuse me, 

All right. This has it’s, that’s weird. Less foam, more, more grain. Right? So I, that has to be the lettuce. Let’s not forget what we have in here. We have lettuce and we have zucchini and squash, which is a really weird mixture that you like, maybe most people wouldn’t put them together, but we’re having fun, right? It’s a different mix is it’s not bad. It’s not bad at all. I mean, we, we still have our, our grape and our strawberry. And what else do we have in here? Some carrots, which carrots are like surprisingly sweet carrots are always kind of good. If you’re nervous about whether something’s going to be just absolutely horrendous or not try dealing with a little bit of character, you know what I’m saying? Carrots, carrots bring they’re like fillers and kind of like what I used with the great, but I also use the carrot because it’s a vegetable and it’s a, it’s a decent filler. Right? It’s, it’s kind of sweet. So

I don’t, Hmm. What I don’t taste is the tomato. I mean, as you’ve seen, when we deal with the tomato, we didn’t get very much juice. Right. So I might, I want to try a different type of tomato, right? Maybe not as organic, maybe like a beef steak, something, one big juicy, or maybe even the smaller ones. Right. Cause we’re only, we’ve only used one type of tomato. So that’s kind of why I might literally just write a whole entire book on each and every different fruit, which benefits it brings because when you just have the word tomato, I do not believe that the, I believe, well, each tomato has its own like DNA, whatever. I don’t know if it’s same for plants as humans, DNA genetic makeup. So each, each vegetable has to be producing like, you know, producing different minerals or vitamins for you to eat.

Excuse me, to intake. Wow. I was talking, I noticed something now, part of the reason I was I’ve been doing this right. Is because my kidneys were kind of like, I was feeling stiff back there and it’s like every day they were just, they were hurting. All right. Since I just noticed this, cause I haven’t complained about my kidneys in my mind. Right. For a while, like now that I’m talking about it, obviously I’ll probably be like, I drink it. Right. But that’s just because all my mental or everything on my, my mind right now is it’s focusing on my kidney. So of course I can feel them cause I’m focusing on them. However, but throughout the days I haven’t been having to like relax my back quite as much. I haven’t been trying to stretch or, or I’ve been stretching every day. So don’t, don’t think that.

So when I say I don’t have to stretch, it’s just stretching for the uncomfort for being uncomfortable with my kidneys. So has the mission been slightly successful even though I’ve cheated and I eat food, it has because it’s, I’m not pooping as much. Right. So that’s disappointing. Everyone’s like, all right, I’ll Pope Shaw, right? Yeah. Well, no, that’s like the inverse for me. None of it’s working. However, my kidneys are, I don’t think they’re straining quite as much. So that’s, that’s a great thing. Yeah. sugar. Yeah. I just got to, you know, housework, housing, my sugar intake. I’m still having really hard problems with my coffee in the morning and my energy drink. I’ve noticed like, if I can, I can go maybe every other day without a coffee, but then it’s, it’s really habit. It’s habitual. Right. And then the energy drink, I’m almost now I’m convincing myself that I need it, which is the dumbest thing in the world.

Because before I wasn’t even really a focus as much as an energy drink, I’d drink it maybe now and again, but over the last week or something, it’s kinda like I can remember yesterday. I think it was when we were drinking a juice, I was mentioning how my body has been craving sugar. Right. And as we know, the energy drink has 50 grams of sugar in it like a monster. So what I’m, what I’m going to do is really what I’m thinking is starting next week, I’m going to create my own energy drinks. So we’re going to have a mid, mid day series on trying to solve my sugar issue, right. Where I’m craving sugar, but then also weed myself off of pain for energy drinks. I don’t want to do it anymore, but I need, I am addicted to the sugar increase or, or the sugar spike whenever I them. So I’m trying to naturally create that same sugar spike. I think I’ve already discussed it a little bit, but I haven’t been very successful at it. Now I’ve talked for too much more drinking. Right.

Not bad at all. I mean, I literally, I’m getting to the points where it’s starting to get thick and the bottom part. Right. But other than that, it’s not bad at all. Like this is pretty good. All right. I mean, by far the worst idea that I’ve ever had was put the onion in there. I ate that today. I had some steak and onion and asparagus literally. So that the onion went down good. So I didn’t waste it. Don’t worry. I still ate it. And it went down great. Cooking. It it’s much better than grinding it up and drinking it. Cause you know, I was able to just like saute it a little bit and eat it right on up. No problem. But mush that thing up and try to drink it. Couldn’t do it as you guys remember, if not watch that video, it was one of the first ones. Absolutely horrendous. But this, this isn’t bad.

Trying to get it without the sludge. Dislodged is gross. Like I don’t care. I refuse. I will not drink the sledge. It’s nasty.

Cut the camera. Can’t get anymore. See you later.

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