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March 20 Fitness

Today. They was nice. Um, I’m not sweating cause I was watching the program after the workout. So it caught my attention. Um, so I’m not sweating anymore. Okay. Because of that. But besides that, uh, today was good. Um, I started off at 5.6 in the beginning, probably again for maybe the first 10 minutes. I was, my mind was just trying to convince myself to stop. Then it was warming up. And then about 20 minutes in, I was enjoying it. And then for D not for very long don’t don’t, don’t confuse it. I was not enjoying it like yay for very long, because right around about 20, 29 minutes, I was kind of watching, like watching the mileage and like, man, I’m how much further it goes till three miles. So am I getting better? Yes. The speed was faster. I’m running three miles faster. Am I at the target of three miles in 30 minutes?

No, but as long as I can maintain 5.6 for another week or something, then we’ll try to push that up to starting off at five, 5.8 or even six. And we’ll go from there. Um, what I’ve noticed is my flexibility is increasing, but my legs are like, the soreness is increasing as well. And I think part of that has to do like my upper body above my, my waist level. Um, I’m focusing a lot more on that than I am my legs. So, um, I think my legs are basically telling me like, don’t forget about us, right? So Monday, Wednesday, they’re pending. Cause if we have another week of cold weather and raining, then this is not going to happen. I’m just telling you right now, it’s not going to happen. Um, it’s hard enough cause it’s cold in other rooms. So I, I try to get out of there as fast as possible when it’s a bad, when it’s a nasty weather like today it’s sunny, but it’s kinda cold.

Um, so if we have a whole week of nice weather this upcoming week, then we’re going to add, uh, a leg exercise, all right. Just one set of leg exercises. So just basically 10, I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do, but I want it to be almost as easy as possible. Something that I’m not even paying attention that I’m doing. Right. And there’s like, again, there’s a strategy behind that. The more that if I try to add too much, it’s not going to work, it’s going to be counterproductive. So I got to find that happy medium to where after I’m done. And I have that little burst of energy. I can extract that energy on a quick workout that my mind isn’t even thinking about. Right. I’m already pumped my, my inertia’s going, you know what I’m saying? In once it’s something, what is it?

The law of inertia once in motion stays in motion. So at that very point at that, at that optimal time, I got to add something very small. Right. And then we’ll build on that. Just like we’ve been doing it since the beginning of the year, start small build on that. Right. So again, start small build from there. Um, let’s see, we got one basically another 10 days. Give or take of March. Yeah, March. Um, April again, we’re not going to go book, but we will start working about like focusing more on our food because, um, by that time we’d been in about four weeks of juicing where it becoming habit where I still got to work on juicing twice a day. Um, people were saying before I was in a juice that I was going to be having crazy bowel movements, like using the bathroom a lot.

Um, no for me, it’s the complete opposite I have. I’m having problems going to the bathroom. So, um, besides that everything’s been, it’s been decent. I got to work on drinking the juice or the vegetable water basically in the afternoon. I, the morning time, I’m calm getting used to that, but the afternoon, um, I’m reluctant on doing that, but I did get the, the citrus. So excuse me, I’m about to fall. I did get the citrus juicer. So that will be fun. We will start that coming up, uh, probably next week. Right. So if you’re paying attention to that then, or to like basically the health part of this, then you can check those videos out and we’ll be working on that probably starting next week. Um, the box is over here, but I just gotta open it. So I mean, it’s not a big deal, but other than that, yeah. Uh, we’ll go from there. Have a great day. It’s great Saturday. Uh, if you’re still with this, congratulations. I know 99% of the people that started this are not still doing it. So if you’re that 1% you’re on your way.

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