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Energy May 2 (SUN, KMI, BP, MMP, RDS’A, VLO, TOT, E, XOM, CVS)

this morning under the energy Sector will be Sunoco. If you just, Sunoco’s just been on all cylinders since November, when it was at 25. Now we’re at 35. That’s a huge gain. It’s been riding basically the 50. You see a couple of touches and then going up, let’s look at a little bit closer. Yeah,

Look for the, the pull back down to 34 Oh nine and then we’re going to 40 with the price of oil. Look at this squeeze, the squeeze. When was this? This was March 24th. It fired off April 1st and it’s gone straight Up. But The reason I would say be careful is just because it got extended a little bit and then come back down to 34. I’m in is really only a dollar. So it’s not very much. And then headed up to the 40 50. We have earnings coming on the sixth and then cash dividend. That’s always nice. I enjoy that dividend Sunoco. Pays a lovely dividend. If you can see 82 cents per share on at 35 cents or $35, which is a great, great

I would scan this for next week. Want to see what happens with the earnings? I would imagine that their earnings are just outstanding. However, there they are. And in retail gas as well, which maybe the driving around America and the coronavirus with driving has hurt their numbers a little bit. I don’t really think it would have, but it might have. So I would just be a little cautious of a pullback, a nice, healthy pullback. And I don’t see it coming all the way to 32. No, not at all. I see it kind of letting time I kind of, I see it holding in 34 and letting time bring the 50 kind of higher kind of something that goes, we’ve seen like right here, one, two, three, four, or five kind of like five days. So that was one. So let’s say one or two, three, four or five down to right around here and then back up. It’s not something I want to jump on, right? The second. That’s what we’ll look next week. And we look again, maybe next week will give us a better entry point.

K M I I’m mean as you can see, this is, excuse me, All that Paul and everything spring season. I mean, this is Corona all the way as June, all the way down to the crash. And then no, it was, this is last, excuse me. I’m sorry. Corona’s back a little bit further. You got kronas aren’t even on here anymore. So That’s nice. Let’s say, okay. The one-year high is basically 18. We’re creeping up on it. We were at that. If you pay attention, look on the left side, this right here, We hit there and then got rejected, but we come kind of got rejected in the strategic spot. Right? Cause we’re at the nine then if we will see how it holds denied, the 20 is just a little bit, it’s been holding the 20. I don’t see it coming all the way down to the 50, just because when we just fired off in a squeeze. So my name’s momentum still to the, to the long side oil. That’s what we didn’t do. Sorry about that. We usually go over or

All right, there we go. I know I can do it. So we was going on everything, every go that’s the only down. So we usually look at it a little bit further. This is more or less what I’m talking about. This is the big line in the sand. Well, really the 66 77, we went up to sexy seven 98, which we’re thinking, I’m pretty sure this was in the overnight market where no one could really get in, which is kind of nice. Cause it’s kind of telling us that it’s going to go back up there to this level. If you, I mean, it’s kind of obvious what’s happening. It has literally led the 50 and the a hundred come all the way up. So after the nice little drop, this was in March look where the a hundred was we’re at 51 now work with is 56. And literally all we’ve done is go sideways. Doesn’t really look like we’ve been going sideways because it’s had some massive like rips inter day, like for the day. But if you look at it from what what is this March till right now may? So basically two months it’s gone. It’s just been range-bound. Now I do enjoy this. It bounced right off of the nine with a lot of momentum to push it higher. I am very, very excited about this. I wanted to break above the 66 77 and hold it and let’s head up to the 73 with that being said, let’s go back to KMI. Okay.

Let’s draw some, let’s do this. Cause we are all we are in extensions. We’re not in retracements.

Yeah, we’re pretty much. Yeah. I would say we’re we’re I mean, I’m just not perfect, but it’s pretty perfect playing the lines in and my extensions. So yeah, we got rejected at the 78 came back down. It looks like we’re holding some support. I do not see it coming all the way down to the 1657 as we had a lot of space, a lot of time there look, and it’s basically hope funding support right at the high right here, which would make sense that the old breakout, so of all of them, this one, I like this right now. So we will make a mental note came by and we’ll come back to it. I like it just cause it’s break. It’s holding. This is kind of high and tight. I see as break into that 18

British Petroleum If they did.

Okay. Look at this earnings estimate 42 cents actual a dollar 30. There is, I mean, I’d have to do more research on what’s going on because they blew, there were no numbers out, which all these oral companies should obviously, because the price of oil is much higher. However, like this is a massive blowout for them. The guidance must be wrong or something. However, it is close to a new high or let’s let’s look at this a little bit. Who’s due three years. Okay. Look it. Three years is a little bit better to look at it. Cause he said a weeks. So March 1st we were, we basically topped out. When you look at the weeks, it looks a little bit more high and like a little bit more structured, right?

We’re having a hard time breaking out above this 25. But if we can break above the 25 look where the potential yeah, three years ago, this was a $47 stock. Again, remember at the price of oil that 66, 70 a or whatever is really important with all these oil stocks. If it can stay above that number, then I see this going up to 38 and no time. Cause this is before this is pre Corona is Corona basically right here. So BP has not been able to get its feet together at all. Just be a little bit weary on this just because it’s British petroleum. It’s in a nice squeeze. I want to check this out next week.

I am very interested in it because I do see it breaking above this 27 and we just had a nice day. Oh no, I like that. That’s just the cause where’s the earnings. The earnings were here are right. Yeah, no, I liked this. That changed everything. I thought the earnings were like over it when it was, when we were looking at bigger, it didn’t look this like the earnings weren’t on this day. Excuse me. Yeah. Watch this just on Monday. Cause if we’re basically tonight, cause it’s Sunday at one o’clock in the morning. That’s why I say that if oil starts going higher, right. Then this would be one that I’d want to look at just because of how much it blew earnings. And then let’s look where we just run another certain extensions. Yeah. Look, of course, it’s going to have a whole bunch of trouble. It’s the 50% line right there. But if it can break above that 50% and hold a 25 79, then we’re looking to the 27 to the 28, right? The breakout of right here, which is you can see it basically lined up. Perfect. So I’m more anxious for it to basically go 80 cents from here and break above the 25 79. If it can hold that 29 79, then that’s when I’d much rather get in M M P This is, It’s not going down. I don’t know if this is great to play like options or anything off of this is more like my cash cow, right? That’s the reason I’m in this is just because of cash, but you can see 50% retracement. It literally blew up to it and then got destroyed. However, be careful this pay attention. It blew up there. And then oil kind of took a dumper, but that makes a lot of sense that could have blew out a lot of people. So out of all of them, I like I so far, I like this one the, the, the actual they beat, which is when that’s great, they’re paying dividend, which is great. Let’s how much did this move?

So yeah, 4% in a day, basically just, and it was a breakout to come all the way down to the breakout and then re re yeah, I liked that one. So if you understood what I said, you see the base of the breakout of this range right here. So broke out, took all those stops, right? All the shorts out, look above. And then, I mean, there’s probably a lot right there and failed, but then came all the way, basically down to breakout. So of all of them, I enjoy this one, this one in cam. I, I like it better than BP. It. BP can go a little bit better than, or, you know, get to the point. Note this, I don’t like this doesn’t even look pretty. We are below the a hundred. Okay.

Here’s the only one that is below the a hundred. That is, and it, wow. It wolfed when this is wrong. I mean, that’s pretty terrible. If you missed an earnings and oil has gone from basically zero to pardon? You remember last year at this time was negative $40 per barrel of oil. And now it’s almost 70 and you guys have a negative earnings. That’s not good. I would stay away from world. Touch, sell for a little bit. VLO their earnings were last week. They weren’t as bad as they pursued. Got rejected. I enjoy this. Hold on. Let’s do this one. We’re going to do a retracement because we have such a prominent high right here in a prominent low.

Okay. Okay. I enjoy this. I don’t know if that made sense. The reason we didn’t do an extension is because of how prominent this is. If he can hold this 73 10 then. Yeah. I mean, I, I have to enjoy it to go higher. We’re in, we were in this squeeze. We broke out long on this squeeze with momentum going higher oil is really the reason why this broke $2 or no, 75, 73. Yeah. Basically almost $2 on Friday. Right? It only says 90 cents this month, this Muslim mean that a gap open or something.

This one is another one I’m enjoying. So keep that on the back. So right now we got cam on or that we’ll go back over the second. This is another one total. I am not impressed with you. You are. I mean, I might go short with this, but we’re looking pretty close to this. Rolling over. How did they do? They blew out earnings, which is surprising. Let’s wait till next week to kind of see how that goes, Ian. I, yeah, I know you broke down bad or however you did, you, you have no, it’s not. It’s 10 points, but break down all the way it was holding this, this line pretty well. And then break down with the squeeze. Looking like the momentum is about to turn down what happened.

They just have the estimate. So they must have, I’m not sure this is something to watch because it was just at a tie and then it fell out of bed. I would pay very close attention to this because it looked look what it did since it hit a hundred, it hit a 200 at 19. And then when skyrocketed, hasn’t even thought about hitting the 50, since what? February 12th and then overnight, and one, one move it’s broken down, but it’s kind of structured to, cause it broke down basically to the 26 retracement almost to the breakout of this right here. So that’s when let’s keep an eye on it. We’ll worry about next week, Exxon.

Remember this is right around where oil was at its high at 67. I bought a we, so we probably got about five points because oil is going to go higher. We’re in a squeeze going higher. I, I like this. I do. I do. Just because look at the momentum to amendment, but you’d be dead. The momentum is headed much stronger. It’s a good test. They beat on earnings. Looks good. CVX. Was there a last earnings negative? This earnings? Oh no. I, I like Exxon more than shell or Chevron right now. Yeah. I like Exxon. I do. Do I do I do. Let’s look at this. Let’s let me get a pen So

We can get our, what we’re going to get for

Our option.

All right. So which ones did I like this one? Exxonmobil. Exxon. Probably one of my, my favorite right now, just because of the momentum aspect of everything. So let’s bring this on Exxon. We’ll go 19 days out. Look at that 19 days out. This is really cheap. Let’s look at our numbers. All right. Open interest, huge 23,000 at 60. Oh, there’s the numbers throughout this and all over the place. So we know there’s huge, huge energy at the 60, but then there’s a lot of energy at the 70. The, I mean, there there’s a lot of open-ended As crazy as this sounds. It could have potential to go all the way to 70. Now I understand. That sounds absolutely ridiculous because there’s only 57, but there’s a lot of open interest on both sides at the 70. So for a dollar and 20 cents, give us 19 days for this to do something I am in love. So that’s the X O M may 57 50. All right, let’s go on to the next one. Next one. Which one was it? M M P M M P 19 days from here. Yeah. 47 50 we’re at 46, 70, 40 cents. Let’s go a little bit further.

Yeah. All the Junes would give us a little bit more time. The reason I’m saying we go out to the June’s is this is 85 cents is 40 cents. So for an extra 40 cents, we get a whole nother month that, and this looks like a calendar call all the way. Look

Sally’s to buy these. So then you’re really buying knees for 40 cents. Right. So I’m glad we did open that. Cause it would make a lot of sense for them to bring it all the way up to 47 50, right in the next 19 days. But then not let it go any further until the next night, the next option expiration. So then they clear all this out and then they’re free and basically free and clear for the next month. So yeah, we’re go June. I don’t know if that made any sense, but hopefully your phone around it made sense. 47 50. All right, let’s go by. I think it was Sunoco. Well KMI was another one. I enjoyed Sunoco. Yeah. We’re waiting for Sunoco to come back a little bit. K M I Just, I mean, this is really cheap, man. Really, really, really cheap. We can go all the way to September in pay like this. So for 60 bucks, no, I mean, we might as well buy in the money. It’s cheap enough. It’s only a dollar. So for 138 days, we can buy cam I at a dollar. Now, The reason why I like this is we’re looking really, our next little stop would be 1830, two plus 1950. If this is cause I mean, look at this. This is,

It’s kind of Rising higher, right? So what’s 135 days.

This is going slow. There we go. So 135 days look at this. This is, this is only 84 days, right? And it’s moved $3 and 68 cents. So in $3 and 68 cents, we are buying a dollar. So that’s $2 and 68 cents of profit. Let’s go a little bit further. So when was this? So obviously this is a little bit further, A hundred days under that move. So, okay. This is give or take 122 days, $4.40 and 75 cents. And we get anywhere close at $4 and 75 cents. That means that we’re getting $3 worth of like money. So 300 for a hundred dollar written. Or if that, hopefully that makes sense. We’ll risk a hundred with the potential. This could go all the way up to 1918, even up to the 21 to 21. And basically what six months makes sense. So we’ll cam on

SAP,Timber, seventeens. All right. Seeing the next one.

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