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Canva Magazine Book

So you how to make like a quick ebook, a quick cookbook. Um, I use this method to make a quick cocktail book for selling, uh, F Y M juice. So I’ll show you what the finished product kind of looks like this to this, sorry, I’m going a little fast.

And so at the end of this lesson, what you’ll be able to do is you’ll be able to create something just like this. I mean, it’s not as big as it should be. I think it’s, I mean, you get the point. So each one of these are pages. You see page two, page three, cocktails, the heading everything. And before we even go into it, when, whenever you’re looking at something, you need to look at like what elements there are to any page. All right. So in this, you have your header, your subheader, and then just the picture right over here, you have your header, a picture, right? And then here’s another part of the page, which has a little sub parts of the page, right. Which is also a header, a subheader, and then texts. All right, over here, again, your header, then just a picture and then texts. So I’m not going to say the same thing over and over, but when you start looking at things, just kind of start thinking about how pages are, are broken down. Right.

It’s over here.

Here’s the same thing As we just went through. And you’ll see on talking about section here’s another section, here’s another section and a little tech section and then at the bottom. All right. So where do we find that let’s go over to here and I didn’t mean to click anything. Sorry about that. And then it’s over. Look for magazine. I’ll just click it here. It’s faster.

All right. So when you looking through there’s some of them that have one page, let me find one that has one that has more than one page. So some of these have one, one page and some of them have more multiple pages. Right? So if you’re trying to build like a little, a book fast, then obviously pick one that has more than one page, right? Because the more pages that you have on it, then the easier it is to just to create something fast. Right? So if there’s only one page and you’re going to have to think on the next pages, but if you have multiple pages, then you can just create it and then just like use their template and then great, whatever you need to fast. So let’s just randomly pick this one and see how many pages as is. So, boom, look, it has one, two, three, four, five different pages, right? So this one helps you. You can, you can pick this boom, boom, boom. All right. So let’s use this template real quick. So as we, when we’re thinking, remember, what are the different parts of this page? What are different parts of this page? The diff this page, this page and this page,

Now I’m literally going to use this to create another little ebook. Uh, I like the way this is set up as well. So instead of just having this, this design for this ebook, I’m going to use this one as well. So I’m going to use some copy and paste just so I have some filler. All right. So let’s go, Oh, so we got this template. Let’s go into the photos, right? Because remember this is they’re all just, excuse me. They’re all just different elements of a page since ours is about like a cocktail book. I mean, we can make it about you. I mean, you really put in cooking. So if you put in cooking, Well, this is a cookbook. So you can change that to that. Right. But since I have a cocktail book, we’re going to put in car

Cocktail party, right. Since we’re, it’s something that we want to sell. So we want to like, have people think, Oh yeah, this is great. We’re going to have a party together. All right. Something that we can do as, as a, as a group. All right. It’s a nice little picture. You know, everyone’s with their nice friends. So then let’s go FYI. Mm

I’m just changing the size since big.

Make this sign here. I think the down part is a little bit bigger. So What did I say over here? I’ve talked a little bit about her. Wasn’t very, uh, creative over there. It was I, so let’s go over here and say orange juice.

It was quick to choose cocktails as quick that back up. Let’s put that up here.

Shrink this,

The life of the party. And then how many recipes did we have? Um, Um, two, three, four, five, five of them.



Right? You see how I did that? Now we can go. Yeah, it’s awkward. All right. So what’s changed.

So race, all of that. Put it nine right there. And we’ll turn. Oops. Put a nine and [inaudible] Move it more center. That’s something in the way. There’s a, still a, okay.

here we go.

Five ways to cook your eggs better. Uh, we’ll just name, give our names, right? So we’ll just come over here. Boom.

So go. We got page one.


Two is table contents. So let’s entice. Well, we say we do up here. They’re at the bar. They’re having a good time. Now let’s put like a nice little cocktail. You know what I’m saying? Cocktail party cocktail beach.

Here we go. This is, this is even better.

This is what is this?

No, I just wanted to see what it was, but I don’t like it.

here we go. That’s a little too dark suit. This, this looks like wine. Uh,

Let’s go back to cocktail. Let’s go see what they got for a cocktail glass.

Here we go.

Then if you want to move the picture, let’s go back and I’ll show you, you double click and then you can slide it back and forth. So right there, kind of what kind of color of you drinks do we want? So these, yeah, right there at work and then, you know, push to the plus button to make it bigger. So obviously we need to change.


No, since we only have five, one, two, three, four, five, we’ve only needed to, well, let me see how many pages we have over here. Yeah. Page one, two, three, four, and five.

I can’t see. I mean the colors, I don’t know, but y’all I can’t see him. So I’m going to go with something I can see or we’re just, we need to change the background. Cause I, I that’s. The background is impossible. I can’t see anything. Nope. Let’s try this one.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to move the picture. Right? You make the picture smaller and then just make it half the page. Okay.

Right. Did you guys see what I did right there? I mean, racists are good. So you can do it two ways. You can just drop it right here, drop it on a page and then resize it this way. Right. Or you can have it in the background. Let’s say you have it in the background. So it’s in your background, right? So then you’re like, man, I don’t want it in my background. So then you can just drag it all selected.

Okay. Now it doesn’t want him to move it. We can just delete it and then

Okay. Now let me do it. Okay. I don’t know what’s going on. So we’ll just drag it up this way, whatever

Now, just for time, I’m just copying the names. Now later, I’ll come through. Now, I’m going to just add another block. So all you do to do that is you can come over here. Double click. I mean you can double click, come over text, Add a heading or well on this. What you would do, you can just do it.

Hmm. Let me start this from zero. So you add a heading, right? Then you add your subheading underneath it. Copy. And then drag this down here. Copy paste. Copy paste. Copy paste until you have your five, right?

Should’ve done one at a time. So we’re going to do it. Just do one at a time.

Right. Do your own little spacing. Then you can name it. The, what you want to write page one, two, three, four, five. Then you can have your little subheading right there. So you can have your name, your subheading, what the drink is just for time. I’m not going to, I’m not going to do it. Um, just cause it gets monotonous, but you saw how I did that. Then on your third page, just like on this, let’s look at the elements. So you have one to three pictures and then some writing and some more writing. So just as such over here, lover’s her and what it was called. Let’s go over here. We’ll drop that in that one. Right? We can take this text just like if you had any other texts on what you’re doing just for time. I don’t want to like take too much time because then it’s just kind of copying and paste or if you’re creating your own. So then each one of these pictures, remember, you can go over, do your pictures and you can slide any picture in one of these squares. All right.

All right. Well, that’s another reason because the computer is going slow And then don’t forget your elements. Like if you want an element

As you can see, it’s kind of going a little slow

But you see what I’m saying? When it gets there, you can add elements to make the page look a little bit better. All right. See you in our next lesson.