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Canva introduction

The things that it can do and help you with. So, I mean, I mean, everyone can read social media events, marketing documents, prints, video, school, personal. So let’s kind of break into that little bit, so right here, like if you want to do Instagram

And then you see over here, how it gives you all the templates. So it’s kind of, it makes it so you don’t have to really think very much. Right. And when you have a lot to do, unless you’re trying to outsource everything, it’s, it’s fast and it’s easy when you already have templates that are there waiting for you. All right. So let’s just, just for example, let’s pick this template.

Right. So then all you have to, do you have your background, think of everything in 3d, right? It’s just on its side. Right? So if you were to look at, um, if you were look at this on its side, imagine there’s different layers. Right. But then when you’re taking a picture of it from the top, it just looks like everything’s on one page. Right. So right here, you have your background, which is your first layer then right here is the second layer. And then within the second layer, you have a third layer, which is like the, this, the, the, the dotted line. All right. And then in the dotted line, then you have different elements as that make sense. So you have this and then you’ve wanna like move all, like, as you said, what I’m saying, so you can move this. So it’s all pieces on top of each other, right?

So if you want to write so I can move this element, like, or like on this little block on top of a different block, if I want to. So if I want to change the color of this background, you see you come up here, you can change the color to whatever you want, right? Because that’s a dif, that’s just talking about this square. You can double the square, you can duplicate this square. You can make it smaller because I’m just dealing with this piece right now. If I want to change the different pieces of it, then like you put this element and you can change it. You see what I’m saying? Then if you want to do a different background, obviously you can come here. Here’s a different photo image. But then here, here, here within, if you want, you can also go to like photos. So what did they, they had watered. So apples. No, they had oranges, but what would you


So you can throw an Apple.

It clicks in there. Just be careful when you’re doing it. You can throw apples in the background, right? You can pick which Apple picture you want. You can pick this one right here. Now what’s great with this is they already have thousands upon thousands of pictures for you. So you can, you see the strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries. You can kind of, you can get creative and boom,

Right there. So this was some strawberries, CSS, lemon squeeze. So, uh, go strawberry. You can change that strawberry juice, fresh, organic, and then change your name right here. You can change the color of this. Like I said, let’s sing the white. You can change it back to red. If you don’t want the color there. Now you can always erase that. So now you just have this in a nice little border. You can change the border. If you want to change these, this color. All right. Go in here. Okay.

And you can change the what, what the font color right here. The size right here, spacings are right here. And then you can also, we can go to elements on this side right here. Then you can put in whatever elements that you can think of. So right here. So how you had pictures, you just, you easily just, um, you know, think of whatever picture you might want in the background. We’ll same thing with element. So if you want apples, so then it gives you like, just a little elements of an Apple, opposed to a, a picture. So then you can do the same thing. You can drag put a little Apple tree right there. I know this isn’t, this isn’t something that you’d want to sell or anything, but I’m just showing you all the different things that you can do. So the text, if you want to add text over here, so you have your, your heading, you just literally drag and drop. All right. If you need some other suggestions, right. Just drag and drop and it gives you like a whole paragraph section, opposed to just one little thing, uh, right here got the styles.

Honestly, I’ll never, I never used, like, there’s a style it’s just takes awhile. The things that like I’ll get to more or less what I use, because right now, again, I’m just showing you what you, all the things that you can do, you got music, you got what you can do with the video,

Right? So it’s 15 second video,

Ten second video. So you can add, you know, if you need to make a little video advertisements, I haven’t played with that quite yet, which is really cool, which I’ll probably make some more videos on how to do that. But this video, Arlene had 5% of this battery. So I’m going to cut it, cut it right there. But then to, to end it, if you remember, this is just like a Facebook post, right? So then if you need to change it for a different size, you just go resize and then you can literally pick what size you want it. Right? If it needs a, you need a presentation, you need it. As opposed to you need a Facebook cover an animated. Well, animated, not too much, cause we didn’t put any animation, but you get the point. Like you can literally play or excuse me, you can choose, pick and choose which size right here that you want to use.

So what that does is it saves you like mountains of time. So instead of having to redo something and like over and over and over and over again, you can pick some, just click all these for the sizings that you want cop and then pick this button, copy and resize. And then what’s going to do, when you do that, you see this five right here was going to do just so you know, so you don’t just be like, wow, what just happened? It’s going to open up five different pages, right? So it’s not going to just be a list of five. No, it’s going to be five complete pages that you then have to go over and then just resize it a little bit because taking a square picture like this and making it a rink is going to like distort it, right? So you have to just come back and re get your, your, your, you know, your effects, right. Your, your distortions, right. But then once you do that, then you come over


It gives you, or allows you to, you know, download it as a PNG or JPEG PDF, blah, blah, blah, blah.


So you can, I mean, you can make your Gibbs here. You can make your videos, your PDFs and whatever in a different little lesson I’m going to teach you. I’m gonna show you how to make a quick PDF book. Right. What’s like a magazine, but you can use it as a, as a quick manner, a little quick book to, to just to sell. So then after you pick your file,

Let’s go P and G. Cause that’s just what it is. Then you can choose whether you want a transparent background or not. Right. So if you’re just trying to have an image like right here, we have a background. So we don’t want to do a transparent background cause we created our own background. Right. But if you’re just trying to have your elements, then you want to have a transparent background. So then you don’t have this, a backbone like a back, excuse me, a black space. So if you’re trying to put something like you were just trying to use this element, then put it on white things on black things, on yellow things, and you don’t want this square of white or black around it. Then that’s when you do a transparent background. And then what it does is you click transparent or you don’t download. And while LA you’ll have your file and your downloads, and then you can use that file wherever. And on the next videos, like I said, is I’ll break it down.