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Adding Mock In Canva

I apologize. I forgot to push record and pay attention to you guys. I was watching a TV show while I was doing this. So what we’re doing today is we’re going to build out a two step tripwire, right? So right here, we have our order form. We have the one-time offer your upsell, your down, sell then, uh, your offer wall. So what we’re going to go, we’ll go through each of these while I make them. But first let me show you a couple of the templates. So let me go to this one. So we have this template right here. I like this template. Don’t get me wrong.

And if I was selling just one, one product, which you’re going to see in just a second, why I say, I like this one particular one, which is great. Right? However, I also like this one, the reason I like this one is because you hop on an offer stack. Right. But then what we’re most people run into a problem is creating these images right here. Right? Where it’s the book image or the book image, right? At least I know I struggled with that. And it was one of the big issues I had in the beginning. It’s like, well, where do they make these things? Right. I don’t want to pay $75 for every time. I want to come up with an idea. Right? So that brings us to come over to Canva. Now, when you come over to Canva, all right, Let me show you.

I can’t even show you. It won’t go down arrogance, There you go. So you can take your picture or whatever would you want to do. Um, where was I? There you go. We come down to elements, right? And let me just erase that. And so you can see what, what it is. All right. So under elements, you have a lot of different, different things that you can use charts grids, but what you really want to get to, you want to get to some frames. All right. And then through here you have all these different frames, the little computer screen, the laptop, the book, right? See, there’s the book. So then what you do is you create the design that you want. Like, here’s me just kind of practicing, having fun. Now, once you create the image that you want, um, Yeah. Uh, I, I don’t have any blank images on your already cleaned it up. But once you have the image that you want, then you come over to your uploads, you download it, you can download it on your computer. So you go right here. So you create, you create an image that you want. Um, we’ll just, no, I don’t want to. And then you can go to print page, whatever, wherever your image is, then you come over here, upload it, hers, you see.


All of these. Um, and what I noticed, I’m not gonna lie. Uh, I went to because these books are available on And I saved the image from Amazon because I was having a problem on how wow was the bloody image, not fitting. Right. That’s why, when you look over here, you have to have them. All right. So when I was trying to use this one, great, you see, you see how the, it wasn’t, it didn’t fit. All right. But then when I used, when I copied it from Amazon, it fit perfectly. Let me put the, let me go back to where it was. So for some odd reason, the, when you just copy it from Amazon, it fits, um, if it’s the scale, right? So once you have your, your images that you want, not, like I said, I’m not using this one right here, but I might, uh, might put it in. I might put it somewhere. Well, once you get your images, you know, one, two, three, then what you do is these are all, you know, these are different books that I have for sale to three, right? That’s why I liked this, this template better. Cause I have a, an order stack, right? So in order to make this, you just kind of stick them. And then there’s a, this thing right here of moves them back and forth.

And you just kind of literally lay them all together. Now with, uh, the CDs, all right. You just go under elements, scroll down. And it’s this one right here. It’s for free. Then you know the computer screen. So what you want to do to how to get them on the computer screen. Right? That, so once you literally, you have your pictures, you’ve already downloaded your pictures, right? They’re already here. Or we already saved them from Amazon and upload them here. Then you take your, your element. All right. You can pick any of these elements. It’s up to you. Which ones you want, bring it over here.

Take your picture. You know, whichever one you want, slide it on over there, double click, and then you can adjust it how you want. So you can have it look like that. You’d have it look like this. It’s up to you. Right? And then you do that on how many of the, however many want you stick them all together. Just like what you did with the books. And then when you come to download, make sure you trans a transparent background, always click that, right? If you’re doing this, if you don’t want, if you want the whole entire background and back here, then do not do that. But if you just want the image that you created, like these three books right here, make sure you do the transparent background. Now, when you’re putting in, once you have your image right here, you can stick it in the middle. Cause all that, all that is is just an image. I can move it around. Right? Same thing with the book, with the laptop, with the phone. Right? So you literally can get creative and just stick them wherever you want and just practice that’s. That’s like making the image. Now let’s come back over here. Now our two step we’ll come here. We opened the, serves up.

See the stack right here. We put it right here. Now we can get whatever image that we want, but that I just picked this one right here. And that’s you just upload and, and that’s what you do. All right. So the reason I, again, why I pick this so I can give an order stack and put all the different items that I want, then give a little description and then I’m ready to go. Right? So I’m not going to have the video for all that. I will. Um, because we’ve already, we already know how to set up, make a list. Right. So I don’t need to film making a list, but you’re gonna, you’re going to need a list here. Right. So that when they complete the, the order, they’re putting their information right here. Right. So they’re going to need a, you’re gonna need a list. All right. So we already went over that, changing these, we already went over, changing the page and just, just so just changing the colors, you know how to change the colors. Right. You click here,

Click the little attorney thing.

If it will stop bouncing around.

 all right. And you can change the color right here.

Um, already showed you that. Yeah. So hope you learned something on this video. Um, yeah. I will see you on the next one where most of this stuff’s already done. All right, bye.