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March 25 Fitness

Yeah, you can see I’m pretty sweaty right now. Uh, weather is terrible looking wise, but it’s starting to get warm, which is amazing. Thank God it’s been cold for too long. We are finally in spring as we were counting down the last days of March. Thank God today. Uh, on the treadmill, ah, the first five, 10 minutes are always miserable. I’m always trying to convince myself to get off, but, uh, I didn’t and today I started at 5.7, which is increasing when a point like, uh, one little point. So it’s not anything to write home about. However, I am increasing. So progress over perfection any day, the last 10 minutes or actually 11 minutes, uh, it turned out to be like 12 to 13 minutes. Cause I ran over today cause I was in the middle of a TV show or not a TV shows in the middle of a, of, uh, like one of those inspirational videos.

So I wanted to finish, um, I I’ve ran 30 miles or three miles in like 30 and a half minutes. So my time is getting faster because the last 10 minutes of the run, well starting at like 19 minutes, I T I bumped it up to 6.3 and finished the remainder at 6.3, which that was that’s good. That’s that means that I’m progressing. My, my lungs are getting, uh, or expanding better. My, my, um, my cardio is getting better. I’m spitting less when that’s crazy. So this is twice now that I’ve noticed this yesterday, I was like kinda Hocking, like coughing and phlegm would come up. But the day before I didn’t, they, before I had an energy drink, like my own homemade energy drink, and today I had my own homemade energy drink. And I think that that extra homemade energy drink is giving me, um, I don’t know, a boost, uh, more, more fluid in my system.

More hydration. I’m not sure. Uh, but it, it seems to be working, I guess. Um, today I, again, I woke up at the crack of Dawn at, well, not even crack of Dawn was hours already up for hours. I woke up, I was on the treadmill or on the bike by like two 15. So it wasn’t at two o’clock when it was close enough to 15 was on the treadmill, rode my hour, did everything perfect. But this morning, opposed to yesterday where I try to stay up and not take a nap this time, this morning, I was like, you know what, I’m going to get tired later. So I’m going to be proactive about taking a quick little power nap. So this morning I took like, I think it was an hour, hour and a half power nap. It was maybe about like seven 30 to nine, seven to eight 30 something around there.

Uh, when I woke up, I was rejuvenated, uh, and I’ve been up since, so did, did that work? Yes, it did because it allowed me to create two different days. So my first day I got some work done to the quick power nap. Second day, got the, or I’m still up getting the rest of the day done. So the second day is all as longer than the first part of the day, but that first little, uh, few hours, well like six hours, five, six hours is pivotal to accomplishing things at a faster rate. Plus it’s allowing me to ride the bike for 20 miles. All right. So there’s nothing wrong with that. Um, with the workout, I’m doing a little bit more. Yeah. Uh, when it comes to the curls, um, just because it’s easier. Uh, the rest of it’s still a bit challenging. The pushups are all right.

They’re not hard, but I’m also doing pushups in the morning, time, the legs, uh, um, I’m not doing any weight, so it’s not hard at all, but in the future, like soon I’ll be putting weight on there. Like either not this upcoming Monday, which today’s Thursday. So a week from this Monday, or start adding weight to the legs and start building our legs up instead of just our upper half. I mean, we’re working on our legs by cardio, but it’s time to start building our legs. We’ve established our upper body. They’ll work out. The days are getting longer. They’re getting warmer. So our days in our workouts where we’ll get longer with the day. So if you’ve been up to this point, congratulations, and let’s prepare for the next season, which is spring, spring training, baby. Then we get to summer and then we’re really a full in full swing by summertime. So we’ve got three months until we’re in full Swope. If that makes any sense. So are you gonna take a shower later? Bye.