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March 23 Fitness

Feeling good today? Uh, I mean, it’s, it’s, uh, it’s a gray nasty day outside, but for me I feel good. Uh, I did my legs, you know, I’m still not doing any weight. Uh, so, you know, I’ll add weight later. I’m not I’m turtle and the Hare who won the turtle. Right. So we’ll do it slow. As long as I do it slow, I’ll do it every day. If I don’t do it slow, I probably won’t do it every day. So I I’d rather do it every day. Right. So slow walk better than no walk.

All right. With the treadmill treadmill was, uh, in the beginning. Okay. Months ago, it was hard for me to get on the treadmill right now. First five to 10 minutes are miserable. It does not matter. It’s it’s so far, every, every day it sucks. Right. Then I guess once my blood starts moving on, cause this is starting to get like normal, then it gets easier and easier until about 26, 27 minutes. And then it gets hard again. Well, today I started at 5.6. I moved it up to 5.9 at about 15 minutes. And then I couldn’t really, I could find a couple things on YouTube, but I couldn’t hear anything. Right. So when I can’t hear anything, it doesn’t do me any justice to listen to it. I can listen to the background music, but I want to hear what they’re saying. So that caused me to look and search through YouTube for about five total minutes.

So now my timing’s all messed up because, you know, I usually try to find something, you know, 20 minutes, 17 minutes, 11 minutes, right in that area. Cause it’s, you know, a 17 minute plus plus, uh, a 10 Minter, uh, then you know, we can listen to a song or something and, and there’ll be time. Uh, well today, uh, at about 28 minutes I found something I wanted to watch. It was a, the Rocky motivational something, I don’t know. Um, so I was like, you know what, it’s seven minutes. I’m not going to make three miles in 30 minutes. So let me slow myself down and just enjoy the run. All right. So I slowed myself down to 5.5 and turn the video on and just kind of enjoyed it. Like I was watching a movie now, obviously it wasn’t a movie was just, you know, more or less the workout scenes.

But during that, it was, it was enjoyable. I guess, for some reason I got another wind or something. Uh, cause what, at, uh, 34 minutes I was still cruising. Like it stops getting like I was feeling fine. Um, I ended up going for about 36 minutes, 37 minutes. Cause I turned around once. I, I, cause I, you know, I do my little backwards walk slash run and that song is only about three, three and a half minutes. But when I looked at the treadmill, when I got off, I was at 40 minutes, which is good. Cause that’s, that’s proven to myself and to my body that I can, I, my endurance is going higher and I can last longer on the treadmill. Excuse me. Um, I tried my manmade energy drink, I guess it, it worked, I don’t know. I mean, we have to consistently do it.

Um, this morning I got to switch everything. Right. So I’m waking up and I’m riding a bike late. Not, I mean, when you hear what time you’re going to be like, that’s, that’s late to you. I’m like, yeah, I’m writing it. Uh, I think this morning I got on the bike at five 30, right? Six o’clock, which it doesn’t seem like it’s late, but when I want to drink the juice or the vegetable water about eight o’clock in the morning, eight, eight 30 in the morning. Well, by one I’m not thirsty. And then it kind of pushes back the energy drink til about two. Then that pushes back the workout or like the afternoon run. And then by the time it’s, it’s like after now I just drink a leader of, of my energy drink. I have no intention on drinking, another leader of, of juice or like vegetable water to go to bed.

All right. That’s, that’s a massive amount of, of water. It’s three liters, not to mention I’m already drinking water. So I mean, it’s, it just gets excessive. So to solve that problem, I just have to create a longer day. Right? So what, what I’m thinking is a very first thing I do very first thing I do because right now I’m usually getting coffee. The very first thing I do, I wrote that alarm goes off at one 30 in the morning. I roll out of the bed, no matter how tired I am and I get on a treadmill or a non-art treadmill on the bike, right? The more tired, the better, whatever I got to think of it. That way, the more tired I am, the more of a challenge it is. Right? Cause if I think of any other way, then I’m going to convince myself not to do it.

So I have to look at it as a challenge, something that I have to challenge myself every day, some days I’m not going to win, but as long as statistically speaking, I’m I’m beating the challenge. Then Hey, it works. But by doing that, I’m going to jumpstart my blood flow, get me, get me kind of moving faster. And then with the intention to after the bike ride, cut the coffee out. Since I’ll already be awake, see what I’m saying? The bike ride will wake me up. That’s the whole reason immediately before I do anything, jump on that bike and start moving, get my day moving. Right. I can watch whatever. It’s not, it’s not the point. I just want to get moving. Right? First thing in the morning, just start moving. Then the next thing then would shoot ourselves with vegetable water and then start the day.

All right. So I don’t know. We’re we’ll figure this out. It’s going to take a minute. Like I said, we’re, we’re trying to like tweak things to where we’re optimizing ourselves to the completeness, uh, or to the optimal level, our opportune level, whatever. So for you, it might be a little different for me. I work better. First thing in the morning. That’s just me. That’s just me. Maybe you work better at night. I try to work out at nighttime. No, that’s never going to happen for me. I’m already kind of like, Ooh, like about seven o’clock, eight o’clock I’m tired. Right. But you remember I’ve been up since two o’clock this morning. All right. So it’s seven minutes. I’m out here. I gotta take a shower, but yeah. Uh, arms feeling better actually doing, uh, I might just amp it up to doing 12 reps, maybe even 15, right. Since I’m not adding another set, we can add a set within our workout. All right. Talk to you later.