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March 22 fitness

All right today was good. I, uh, I ran faster today than yesterday. I ran 5.6 for probably 25 minutes and then 5.8 for the remainder. I ended up running, um, three miles in 31 minutes, but I didn’t stop because I was watching something. So I wanted to finish. So I was only two more minutes. So I watched that. No problem feeling really good. Uh, it’s a little earlier in the day, it’s only three 30 right now. Um, the after ZZ extra motivated the weight, isn’t, isn’t a challenge anymore. I mean, I’m not going to say that it’s not a challenge because every day is a challenge just to get yourself to do it. So if you’re doing it, congratulations. So don’t downplay herself at all. It’s just, I think the doing the pushups in the morning time are strengthening my chest at a faster rate.

Um, doing above my shoulders is still a little, little heavy, but again, I’m feeling sore, but it’s not as sore as, and I’m tired. It’s a sore. Is this feels good. All right. Which is different than normal or than what it was came and say a month ago, basically two months ago. So, uh, in that regard, my body has transformed itself. Since now, it’s, it’s recognizing that we’re going to do an hour every morning and that we’re going to do third run 30 minutes. So it’s programmed in my, in my mind and my body and I’m going to do that. So it’s easy. I mean, it’s, I, it’s simple rather. I’d say it’s not easy. It’s simple, uh, in line with what I said last week, or today, or this week, we’re working on finding an energy drink out of fruit and vegetables. So we had our first little juice today. Uh, I mean, I can’t say it didn’t work, but I can’t say it did either. I did grab an energy drink just in case I opened it. I drank maybe three sips out of it. And then I close it and said, I don’t need it. So excuse me. So maybe the energy drink did give me some energy since today was mostly off of here’s the other thing I didn’t speak quite as much either when I was running. Hmm.

I it’s too early to tell, but if you, if you kind of just saw my reactions right there, I noticed a couple of differences. The day that I drank my natural energy drink, opposed to my, my monster energy drink, even though I drank some of my monster. Um, what else? Uh, we’re talking about doing our legs. I, I have some weights outside, but I was too lazy. Bring them in. So I did legs, uh, you know, the leg lift in front. Uh, I did those for, to work on my quads. Um, I did that, that worked, not going to lie. That that was nice. Uh, I did it with zero weight, so I’m not expecting to feel sore. However, my legs are like pitiful. So I wouldn’t be surprised if I do feel it just a little bit tomorrow, just because I’m using a muscle haven’t used in awhile, but, uh, it’s going to be a great debate whether I try to just amp myself up with the weight this week, or I just wait till next week. It’s really, again, who’s turtle in the hair who won the race, the turtle, not the hair. So yeah, I could probably do it, but I almost want to kind of train myself with nothing and then we’ll jump into like 25 pounds. Uh, but we’ll see, we’ll see how I feel tomorrow with that. I’m going to take a shower cause you can see the sweat dripping on my face and I will talk to you guys later.