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Funnelflix Why Clickfunnels Is Worth 300$ A Month

Bit about funnel flicks, because when you, when you think about, you know, $300 a month for, for, uh, uh, uh, software that just makes, you know, your webpages and an email, I mean, that’s extremely expensive. You could just go to lead pages and lead pages is $99. Or you could go to teachable or you could go to Kajabi, or you can go to all the, or you could build a, uh, a WordPress page or a flux page, or there’s so many different options out there. So why would I say, spend extra money then all the other little free little bells and whistles to go through click funnels, right? And this is the reason is right here. You have to be a member. See what I’m saying? Click funnels a funnel flicks. You must be a ClickFunnels monomer user to log in. All right. I’m already a member member. So I’ll just click the login. Now, if you’re just the cheap version. All right. There’s, there’s still stuff in here for you, right? This gray. One of them’s [inaudible] I don’t remember. I think it’s the, the color one is for free or like for the basic membership, but the gray is for no, it could be other way around.

No. Yeah. The gray is for the upgraded version, right? The $300 a month. And with the $300 a month, you really want that don’t get me wrong. The, the, the cheaper version is great. I’m not paying for the, the extra extroversion, which is the, this one right here, the red version yet. Uh, right. Here’s another one. Now, when, when I, when I’m upgraded, I’ll make sure I make a video and I’ll show you, but what’s so great about here is even at the beginning, you know, I think it’s a hundred dollars a month. You get your 30 days, your affiliate. Now, let me break into here just a little bit. So I could show you, we’re not going to watch any videos. I’m going to show you the content that’s there, right? 30 modulars, 60 different episodes,

Right? What would you do in that?

I don’t want to, I’m not going to go through all that stuff for you, but just remember 30 modules, 60 episodes right now. Let’s look at the affiliate. Just, just want to show you the extent that they do. This is why you’re paying what’s going on,


1733, right? I mean, I have 97

Julian bootcamp. I’m so excited to have you here. Right?

So, um, I’m S I’m taking these classes. It’s, it’s, they’re, they’re not short, right? It is so much information. It’s ridiculous, right? It will literally take you a year. I mean, I, I would like to say that, um, I can sit down and knock things out, but there’s so much content here that you can’t watch it in one month. It’s impossible. I literally tried. I watched this one and this one, and it took me. I did not get up from the computer for like three weeks. No, no, no. It was, this took me like five days and this one took me. One of them took me five days. One of them took me basically a week. And, um, and I’m, I’m talking about every single day. Just put it like here, this one right here to even get the, to even get into the 21 day challenge. They give you like six hours of amazing content to get you into the program. Right. So that just kind of gives you on scale. Now these are great little documentaries. Just, just kind of get into the world, you know, understand like where their perspective, you know, they got funnel, building copywriting, sales, traffic, product development, business strategy. And then they even have like the Tony Robbins private collection. There’s some really good stuff in here. Really good stuff. It’s I mean, it’s, there’s so much stuff. Let’s just, let me show you what I’m talking about.

Dan Kennedy collection, right? It doesn’t seem like it’s that much until you click

And then you’re like, Oh my goodness, you see it. Okay. This is what I’m talking about. An hour and 34 minutes, an hour and 39 minutes an hour and 39 minutes, hour 41 hour 38. This is just talking to see how long this 39 minutes. So what are you paying for when you’re paying $300? You’re not paying $300 for the software, which mind you, that is amazing. The software. If you’re taking, if you’re watching some of the other videos, thank you. And I hope you enjoy them and you’re learning something. But the main thing that you’re buying are all at least in my eyes. Right? Cause you can, I mean, click funnels is it’s not letting me go back. Oh, here it is. That’s why Now ClickFunnels is amazing because it’s great software, but this is, what’s truly amazing. Right? It’s all the programs right here to teach you. So if you have any questions, just find a class. If you’re bored, watching on an airplane board, uh, instead of watching a movie, watch one of these documentaries, very injured. I’ve watched most all of them. Um, yeah. Oh, let me go here. This is very important.

No, I try to make good videos, uh, explaining things. But if you really want like an in depth, two and a half hour class on application funnels, book and cart funnels, summit funnels, challenge, and membership funnels, product launch funnels this like every day, five days a week, they have a class for you, right? For starting at 10 o’clock Eastern time for five days a week. Right? And then they have the archives, right. It right here. All right. The archives right here. Now the stuff I’m teaching you is in addition to this, if that makes sense. So a lot of this stuff that I’m teaching is the things that I’ve, I’ve learned that they forget to say, right? Which I mean, there’s millions of different. If trust me, if you go through one of these things, then you’re going to be like, if all you need is good, one, one to two weeks, you don’t need to go in there every single day, but one to two weeks, and you’re going to, you’re going to, you can go out there and you can, you can build these things very well. And then you can come back and have ask questions, right? Uh, if you need, need to set up your email, your custom domains, I might make videos on that, but it’s right here. And they go in, they go, step-by-step like this one, I think it’s a 30 minute video. Right? It give you two things. If you purchase your domain through click funnels, if you didn’t do click funnels to see how long this is.


Oh, it’s quick 17 minutes. So, I mean, there’s just a plethora of information. Now let’s go back to right here. So remember $300 a month. Yes. It sounds like a lot. But when you come here and you try to get your, let me put it like this. When you try to convince yourself that that $300 isn’t worth it, I challenge you to do this one thing. Watch every one of these videos in one month. And if you watch every last video in one month, then pay for the next month, pay for $300 every single month and tell you can watch every one of these videos. Then what’s the point of pain anymore. But I guarantee that once you pay $300, once you watch every last one of these videos, you’re going to want to watch them again. One and two, you’re going to continuously pay the $300 a month because of all the information that you’re getting.

And that has nothing to, even if you don’t want to build a funnel, right? Even if you don’t want to be a marketer, even if anything, even if all you want to do is be an affiliate, then everything you learn here is going to help you be an affiliate. If you just want to, you know, get, you know, change your life, learn new stuff right here. Tony Robbins, that’s worth $300 a month easily. Right? The business strategy. Again, a traffic, all of it right here. It’s right here for you. I don’t want to take up too much more time, but for $300 a month, there’s you can’t really go wrong when you’re investing such small amount of money in comparatively speaking. Right. So just think about it. One of these classes alone could be a $5,000 course, but you’re only paying $300 a month for all of them. Right. So, all right. Talk to you guys later on.