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Why Make A List For Your Page Links For Clickfunnels

Because after I created all the pages, and if you remember correctly, I said, make sure you make a page with all your links. Right? So here’s my page. It’s all my links. Here’s my front page. Basically like the resource or the reference, whatever. So when people come right here, they can click on these links right here and it’ll take them to the desired page that they go to. I’m going to just show you real quick, how you do it. Uh, and then I’ll, I’ll preview. I’m not going to, there’s a lot. There’s 30. So I’m not going to go through with 30, but I will give a couple just so you can kind of see what I’m talking about. See how much easier that was. And then you come over here. When you’re doing this, you click make sure the whole thing is highlighted, like the whole word and click the little, uh, whatever that thing is. And then click off. Then here, you have to set the action. I think I showed you in the last one. There’s a lot that you can do. You can submit the form, opening up, open the pop-up Facebook, opt in a URL. Um, scroll to which part of the thing, show high to action. We’re just doing that.


Now you can change the color right of this right here. You can change it to being like black or this or this color or that color what it is. It’s it’s uh, I don’t know. I forgot what color is. Uh, w it’s just, you see how the difference color and this that’s what you’re changing, but let me go back. And if you did what I did, and you forget the color, the very, if you see what I did, come click this little thing right here, click this number right here. Copy paste it. Double-click your little thing and paste right there. And then boom, you have the same color. You can do that pretty much throughout the entire, uh, application. So if you ever have, if you ever forget, or you can’t get your colors right, then just do that.

That will solve your problem.

I don’t know if you noticed what happened. The D I’m gonna show you right here, because it’s right here to see. I have to. So if someone were to click just on the D, then it’s not gonna, then it won’t go anywhere. But since it was double-clicked, it would’ve, it would’ve worked. But I just trying to clean it all up. Now I will. I mean, you kind of get the picture, right? I don’t need to keep doing that. Hopefully I’m Gonna make sure that this is set. No, it’s not. So let’s go over to eight

Again. I have not saved anything. I haven’t redone this or the bottom. Um, I’m just building the page out. Honestly. I’m building everything out and then I’ll decide. Cause I don’t know. I’ll show you another part in a second. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to have on here. I mean the body evaluations, I’m thinking I might have those right there. Um, I might go source the area for some links or just make some articles, create some articles real quick. I got, um, multiple books here, uh, kinda make yourself healthy and things. So I’m, I’m debating. That’s why I haven’t done it. Well, let’s say like the name too. I’ve I haven’t changed that. Let’s take a look at it. So our, all you need is 10 minutes change, blah, blah, blah. Here’s your, the video. And I haven’t even done this part yet.

So they can read through, they read the full article, Boom, hit some right here And they can read. That’s what I say, like over here. I’m not sure what to put in there. I’m not sure what I’m put over here. Uh, there’s more that needs to go to it. Let me go back.

Just cause one, I don’t have anywhere for them to get back to that, this page right here. So that’s one thing I’m going to have to create. Uh, so what I did do towards the, Oh, well, I’m not there yet. Well, let me just show you

So later on I put this right here. So what’s going to like, okay, if you click this one, I haven’t, you can see, I have not changed them right there. Fall are far apart, all that kind of good stuff. But what you can do is you can click this one and then it’ll take you to day 22. And I have yet to do this one. So it won’t take anywhere, but then click this and it goes to the next day 23.Sure. It’s just creating a button. And uh, like I said, I’ll try to, I’ll probably scoot them closer together. Uh, I just put them there just so I can have some userability when I’m kind of, uh, building things. Um, but other than that, yeah. Uh, keep this video shorter than longer. So I hope you learned something from this. We’ll basically.