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January 13 Body Evaluation

All right. I guess that’s a good angle. It’s still, still chubby. Nothing’s really like gone away there. Like I was talking to a friend yesterday. I don’t have really like, still nothing right here. I can feel him now. You know what I’m saying? A little bit better. I think that’s just because my muscles are a little bit swollen from working them for the last two days from doing the pushups as well. I can start, I can start feeling it in my, my flies, like right there, but you know, nothing really to write home about. Yeah, there’s a good light. I still, it’s still real jiggly arms still, nothing really there, I guess. Like again, I I’ve been working arms this week a little bit, or, you know, doing my 10 pushups and then 10 curls, you know, just hammer curls like this. So, I mean, I’m not just to make the arm bigger. Right. worry about others, other stuff later on. I don’t know. It’s kind of, I don’t know if you’ll be able to see my legs in the mirror. Yeah.

But if you look at my legs, there’s just, there’s zero definition in those. So, I mean, hopefully within the next, you know, by the end of this month so give or take about 30 days in, you know, once my body gets used to doing the pushups, I can get up to maybe three sets of pushups, three sets of of a curls, you know, cause you know, three to four sets mine to toothpaste up there, my bag then I’ll, you know, I’ll switch it up and then cause you know, I’ll, I’ll, we’ll start implementing other, other little steps. But again, I don’t, I don’t want to be like super sore why I don’t want to do it cause I want to be able to do this every day, like slowly but surely. So just like running 10 minutes is not going to hurt you, you know, doing 10 pushups and doing my 10 little curls on each arm.

It’s not enough. I mean, I’m not putting any stress on my body. However, I am like, I can feel myself being able to breathe a little bit better. Also I I’ve I’ve I’ve I haven’t rolled any cigarettes. I smoked like two or three cigarettes. If I’m enrolled in cigarettes, I still gotta work on, you know, rolling blends and smoking cigars. However, I bought a little pipe, so hopefully that will help out. Of course the overall goal is quit smoking period, but you know, baby steps to get us there. So we’ll check back in probably next Wednesday, Thursday kind of see if, if anything’s changed. I won’t notice a change just because I look at myself every day, but hopefully through like these videos, you’ll be able to see a change. All right.

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