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January 7 Body Evaluation

All right. This is where I am right now. All right. Don’t really having a definition in my chest. You can’t see my stomach. All right. This is well after my 10 days. So we’ll go from here. Our goal is right. No definition in the arm. That’s literally me flexing. So there’s no right. I run every day with us right now, running with sweat because freezing. All right. And then what that’s doing is also sweating. Then we know as we go, cause there’s more to within just running. You got to like drink your water. Water is very important. So you’ll go through the times. I’m going to be implementing more like not just running an exercise and I’ll be implementing more of like a nutrition. So I’ll be having classes while I’m going to be reading books. As, as if you know more about me, I have a library.

So I have a whole series on different nutrition books for you to learn from and to read. And then also a little secret that I like to do is I drink my V8, right? Not the fruity flavors, one, the actual vegetables, cause I’m trying to stimulate my vegetables. And then I also take a nice little shot of Apple cider vinegar. Right. I take the shot, Apple cider vinegar, and then I cut it with vinegar or the V8 vegetable juice. And it’s worked for me before. Right. It kind of cleans my system, gives me a little bit more endurance flexibility. It takes the anti-oxidants out a little bit faster and it helps me cut my fat faster. It’s really up to you if that’s what you want to do. I also do the little weight mass thing sometimes. I don’t know if I’m going to do it this time because I’m not really trying to bulk up as much. I’m trying to just get myself in better shape. So there’s, I mean, each time each person would be a little bit different. So hopefully through the nutrition and a little courses and other little things that I’m bringing to the table, then you can kind of choose for yourself what works for your body type or for you better. All right. See you on another side. But again, that’s not, that’s this normally kind of chubby?

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