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February 11 Body Evaluation

All right. Where the body Yves out, it feels kinda like I’m losing some weight. You guys got to be able to let me know. I mean I still feel bloated. There’s not quite as much. So like when I’m doing that, you can, I mean, they’re still jiggles. Don’t get me wrong. Is this still a lot of fat, but it’s better. It’s still kind of having my little fat pockets right there, arms. However, they’re getting a little bit more definition. Don’t really have my vein anymore. Still got to work that well, you saw this a little bit, but it’s, it’s not really there. Yeah, when we kind of flex. Yeah. There’s nothing there we are getting, I mean, I can almost start to sell, like tell us living down. You guys would have to be more of a judge on that, but yeah, again, yes, he see, we still got this, this excess like, love handle right there.

I got to really work on supposed to kind of, when I’m riding on the bike, I can feel it in a way. So I got I’m like, I’m doing my sit-ups every morning, so hopefully that will get me down there all the way push outs right there. Yeah, I don’t know. What, what do you guys think it’s getting better getting worse. I’m not really sure. Mahatma the shower is a little cold and I’m really sweaty, but yeah. I don’t feel any better. My cardio is night and day. I, when I first started this walking into my neighbor’s house, I was talking to him Poppins. Now I can walk up there. No problem. Not even think about it. So I know it’s working. I know the cardio is getting better, but again, I look at my club every day. So I have no idea if it’s better or not, it just looks the same, honestly in about a month or two, then I’m hoping to really see drastic change. But again every day, keep it going once a week, do a little Yves out and check yourself and then obviously look back five months later or two months later and be like, Oh wow. I have changed a lot. Right. Well, that’s what we’re, that’s in theory. That’s what we’re going for. So let me take shower, talk to y’all there.

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