10 Things I Learned Tai Lopez

Table Of Contents

  1. Belt & Suspenders
  2. 10 Dark Years
  3. The Profit Motive
  4. Forgetting Who’s In The Room
  5. Mastering Your Daily Routine
  6. Balanced Life
  7. Simple Not Easy
  8. Building Military Mental Discipline
  9. Studying The Minds And Habits Of Others
  10. Learning 9x Faster


Balanced Life

The Balanced Life. In this chapter, we’re going to be discussing health, love, wealth, and happiness. In order to have…

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The Profit Motive

This chapter, we’re going to discuss the profit motive. We’ve got six different sub-topics to talk about. The first one…

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10 Dark Years

Good morning. In this chapter, we’re going to discuss the 10 dark years. The first thing is our brain is…

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