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Automobile Quarterly 20th Anniversary

I want to remind everybody … I’m doing that because this is a long project. I did not know. I did not think in my head. Oh, 13 bucks? That’s easy. No problem. 10 minutes. Yeah. No. No. Just the mental ability to be able to go through each and every one of these bloody books is much harder than I initially anticipated. This is truly a journey. A journey to do this. With this one box, now imagine if you had bought this box. It wouldn’t have been this particular box because obviously it was my box and my little personal box library that I got to go through. But if you were to get a box, it wouldn’t be the same box, obviously. However, it would be a box that you might find something just like this and it’ll take you all bloody day just to go through the books. The box isn’t even full … isn’t even halfway.

Look. These are all the books that we did not pick out of this box, all right? We’re just going through the ones we did pick and that is … We’ll go over them real quick. This one right here, The Poem. Statistics. Well, probability. Right here, argument. Remember, we talked about Frederick Douglass. It was really interesting. Resisting Happiness. It was more of a God book but at the end of the day was pretty good. Here’s another little God book, but it was good. Yeah. Then we got the automobile book. We got another automobile book. This was the index. Not quite as interesting but remember I’m going to go through and try to see if there’s any museums that are still open. And another automobile book.

Mind you, not everything’s going to be the same because this is kind of an encyclopedia box, I guess you could say. We are going to go over another automobile book. We only have four more, gentlemen and ladies, so don’t worry. Then we can talk about everything. We can go grab another box. And I’m going to purposely not grab a box that has any of these cars books in them as much … Oh. Oh! Look at this one. We’re getting into today’s age just a little bit. This is a 20th anniversary edition. How many of these things … Wow, 20 anniversary. So, 82. So, they started this in 62? My goodness. No wonder there’s so many of these.

Here we go. I think this is the era that some of us could remember. The GTO, the 427, the 409, the 289, I don’t know and and I don’t know. Well, the Grand Sport, I know that. And the Cyclone, I’m not really sure. Muscle cars, baby! Yeah! We’re getting into something interesting. They also have the Pursuit, an excellent, elegant … The 1931 Cadillac V16. I just got to look at that. But 426, we’re going to muscle cars. Oh, look at that. That is beautiful. That’s sexy. Look, it’s sleek. Now I forgot about the number already. 418, 426. Let’s just get where we are. We can look at pictures in a minute. These are cool pictures, man. 418. 418, right? Oh, this is one that’s full of good stuff. 418. Look at the crashes.

Remember we were talking about the other guy with the lucky number 13, so I’m guessing the cars look more like the little rockets they got going on over there. The Pursuit. The Cadillac V16 roadster right there. Now, that is a pretty car. Can you see it? That is a pretty car. Look at that. Then with the top up? Oh, yeah. That’s pretty. Oh, oh! Look, they got the velvet or the plush inside. That’s when a car was a car. Did you notice something? Look at this. This rose up for you so you can be sitting more comfortably. That’s pretty cool. Then remember … Remember we were talking about the different little mascots. That’s a little one that we don’t see all the time.

All right. Now we are talking about what we wanted to. Look at the picture. Even the picture shows power. Man. Baby. Muscle cars, the demigod of the power culture. The 426 hemi. Here we go. We got the Pontiac Grand Prix 62. The 62 Chevy Impala. Let it show us the real big boys. What? The Camaro didn’t come out until 67, so the 63 Galaxy, the Fairlane T-Bolt, the Mercury, the Pontiac GTO. Yeah, this is straight American. The Impala SS, the Galaxy. Yeah. They don’t really have the 70s muscle cars, which is a little frustrating. These are all the new ones. But yeah, these are … The 66 Mustang. There we go. Now we’re starting to get into it. The 65 Buick Skylark, 65 Oldsmobile. Now, there we go. This is the 67 Plymouth Belvedere GTX. We should see the … Where is the … 67 Mercury Comet. Why do we not see the Camaro?

This is the hard top GTO and this is the Cutlass. The pace car. That’s very disappointing. They do not show us. They don’t show it to us. But however, don’t get discouraged. I’m pretty sure there … This is pretty interesting. This is fun. Well, wait a minute. Hang on. I think they’re lying to us, man. Nope. Nope, nope. See? We got two different 20th anniversaries. We just did the blue one, now we’ll do the red one. But I hope you liked the muscle cars. We’re going to go over more in it and talk more about that plus V12 engine that looked gorgeous. Look, that didn’t even look like car. It looks like one of them things you don’t drive in the city. You don’t. You drive it from the back of your house or in your garage into the back of a car and you take it to a car show because there’s no point in even getting that one dirty.

You might drive it around … If you got a big house you can drive it around the driveway a couple times, you know what I’m saying? But you do not want that bad boy to get dirty. That was gorgeous. Excuse me. Talk to you later. Oh, now we’re going to go over the red one.