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Day Eight FYMM Fitness

Decent little day. Compared to yesterday, man, it was a cakewalk. Yesterday was miserable. If you remember, my legs were sore, my wind was absolutely gone, but I also ran later in the day, opposed to right now, where it’s mid morning, about 10, 11 o’clock in the morning. What I did today is I’ve, basically, starting this, this week. It’s Wednesday. I’m starting to implement doing one set of push-ups, 10 push-ups, and then, 10 curls with 22 pounds. So, today was the first day the pushups weren’t super hard. I wasn’t struggling all the way to get them up. So, that was nice. And then, what I also did, if you watch yesterday’s video, I was saying that my hammies were. My hamstrings were extra sore and my quads from running backwards.

I am doing extra stretching, make sure you do that. Stretching is key because if you don’t stretch, one, you could tear something. And two, I don’t know how old you are, but I’m pushing 40. So, being flexible is very important. And then, like I said, I started running backwards. If I was going forward, I’d be walking. But at least, I mimic the running motion of running backwards, which it’s a completely different feel for your legs and even your stamina. I think I might’ve broken the treadmill a little bit. For some reason, it’s dipping in the middle. So, if I did, then I’ll have to recommend a different treadmill just because it might not be made for running or might be made for smaller people than I am at the moment. But yeah, today, we got the little body review. So, if you check in, this is going to be a little shorter because we’ll go over my body, see if we see any difference, and there we go. Yeah, keep it going.

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