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Day Sixteen FYMM Fitness

All right. It’s Thursday. We’d been doing the water since Monday. Finally, I think I’ve gotten the hang of it. Right. I kind of noticed those big bottled water bottles, like this. It’s only really like two of the small ones. So you put it like that. It’s not really that bad because I can down a small one in one sitting. So it’s really just like, okay, down a small one and drink some throughout the rest of the day when you get thirsty. So actually after I find breaking it down has been a lot easier. So what I’ve also started… I mean, I’m surprised about a breath because I really didn’t think that I was out of breath as much as I am. Because I’m way more energized than normally. I mean, it’s early in the morning, but I mean, I’ve been up for a while. Well I was working and then I was also listening to this Tony Robinson, I was sitting in the bed, watching him and he kept saying, ” stand up, do this, do that. Jump up and down.” I figured, “If I’m going to do all this jumping up and down and moving my body, I might as well just go on a run.” So that’s what I did. By watching him, I was learning something different. And he was saying something about your pH level, your pH balance. I have got to watch it again, so I can give you a better description. I got from it is to drink some lemon water, you need to cleanse your body. The lemon does something, stabilize your ph levels i think. Which there’s nothing wrong with that, right? I’m trying to get myself in shape. I’m trying to cleanse my life, get myself all the way in shape, but also being kind of lazy. Because we’re not trying to be innovative. We’re trying to be Kizen. We’re trying to just slowly work our way into doing things, where it just becomes second nature, where we don’t even notice it. We’ll see in a few months or whatever, or even a couple of weeks, if I’m still doing it, but I bought some lemons yesterday. Right now I am cheating from what I’m telling you, so I’m doing a little bit of like shoulders. I’m really not supposed to do that till next week, Because were slowly adding things, but after I have had a jolt of energy. You know the first couple of weeks I didn’t have anything.  I was ready to just get off the treadmill at six minutes. Like, “Man, fuck this.” But now running the 10 minutes is easy. Running backward for a few minutes is easy and doing the pushups and the curls is easy. I still got energy. And so I was like, “Well, I’ll do it.”  I’ve consistently done it for four days. Then starting after week number four, I’m going to up the ante because right now I’m not tired anymore. That’s how I kind of gauge myself. I’m going to push myself until I get tired again. How I was when I first began, what three, four weeks ago. in month number two, our number one goal is to get to full sets. So month number one is to build habits. Month number two is to get the full set and also kind of change our nutrition. Change our eating habits, change what we’re putting into our body. That’s month number two. And that’s really important. But month number one is to start sweating every single day. Start getting your heart rate up and start building the habit of exercising. So that’s month number one. If you wonder why I’m going so slow on adding more and more and more, because most people are like, “Well, I’m going to work out and put it all in one day.” That’s just stupid. You’re never going to last. So I hope these little videos are informational or helpful.

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