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Day Twenty-eight FYMM Fitness

I like this new treadmill. I get to run faster, but running faster doesn’t necessarily mean easier, right? It means you’re going to wear yourself out faster, which I am. I’m not going to lie. I am. Whew. I’m tired. Feeling the expansion of my lungs better, I guess, because when you’re running faster, you have to take deeper breaths or at least I take deeper breaths. And I also more forcibly try to get the air out so I don’t get cramps. Running backwards, I almost fell twice, so I’m not going to lie. I slowed down. I was trying to go backwards at four miles per hour, which I’ve been going at three, when my legs are a little bit more jelloy than normal. So running backwards today was not an easy task. I about fumbled a couple of times, but that’s good because my legs are tired. I still rode an hour this morning. I’m not going to lie. Again, a key topic that we talk about throughout this whole journey is the ability for our minds to convince ourselves that we cannot do something, right? Hardly ever does my mind ever be like, “Erik, you can do it.” It’s usually me sitting there like, “I can do it brain, come on, get in line.” Right? Because most of the time my brain is trying to figure out every way for me not to do something. So even this morning I’m waiting, because I’m uploading videos and that takes forever to do and transcribing them. Or waiting for uploads, like I said, it takes forever. So I watch the history channel, to learn more things. Actually I learned some really interesting things today. A couple more books got put on the list, I mean, they’re on the Amazon list that I’m going to buy. I’m up to 35 books right now. Well, what I said is I was like, man, like how I’ve been saying, for multiple times where I’m like, “Just convince yourself, it’s only 10 minutes.” Well now, we’re way past that 10 minute mark, because we’re running for 20 minutes. I was like, look if you’re watching this is really interesting. I can either sit in this chair and complain that my butt hurts or I can get on the Bike and complain that my butt hurts. Because at the end of the day, my butt is still going to hurt regardless, because I don’t have the most comfortable of chairs. I have a little kitchen table chair, one of the Walmart ones. So it’s a metal frame, So it hurts. So sitting on a Bike is just as uncomfortable. I was like, “why don’t I just do something while I’m doing nothing? I might as well sit on the Bike and move my legs. So that’s what I did. And at first, I’m not going to lie, today was a difficult day. I think it’s hump day Wednesday, so I’m going to make my body eval video today. I think it’s just being tired, just normal, being tired. But other than that, I wouldn’t give up being tired for the way that I was feeling. Because even now, my buddy comes over and smokes a cigarette with me. I can’t smoke the whole thing. It’s disgusting. Well hopefully eventually we’ll get it to where I’m like, “Man, I can’t smoke anymore. It’s disgusting.” But we’re not there yet. Before I was like, whoo, yeah, this cigarette’s nice. But now it’s, “Oh this is gross.” And I could taste it in my mouth then the worst part of it is when I’m running, I can breathe the cigarette, which is disgusting. But since I’m doing body eval I’m going to keep this where it is and keep going, man. If you’re still doing this, at this point, pat yourself on the back and two, keep going.

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