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Day Twenty Six FYMM Fitness

I got the new treadmill and it about defeated me. I’m not going to lie. I couldn’t figure the stupid thing out. Then they made me register and then it would turn on, but I couldn’t get the stupid thing to move. I started at 11:00. It’s 4:00, It literally took me three hours and 20 minutes to try to figure the stupid thing out. That literally whooped me mentally, Then when I was on the treadmill, it’s a completely different feeling, once I figured out how to make it work. One, it’s really loud. Two, I’m going to have to wear shoes. I haven’t been wearing shoes on the other treadmill. I don’t know, my feet were gripping it, but this mat on this treadmill, something built differently. I still got through my 10 minutes, but I didn’t do the 20 minutes and I didn’t run backwards. In all aspects it was a massive failure. I still rode the bike this morning for an hour. I still did my pushups, two sets. Still did that kind of good stuff, but like I said, I was mentally worn out after the treadmill basically beat me. I’m using that as an excuse, even though it’s a really shitty excuse, excuse my French. However, tomorrow is a brand new day. Although I was defeated today, in my mind, you can still be like, “Erik, you still rode the bike for an hour. And you still ran your mile, why are you complaining?” Because I didn’t do what I wanted to do. that’s good, right? Because if you remember at the beginning of all this. On all aspects of things, from looking from the outside in, it’s a successful day. But in order to be great and to accomplish great things, what other people think as being successful, you have to look at it as being a failure. Because if I lived my life up to other people’s standards, well, I would only accomplish what other people accomplish. But if you hold yourself to higher standards than you are able to achieve at the moment, then you’re telling your mind, this is what we are going to do and from hell or high water, we’re going to accomplish this. Every day I’m going to be angry if I don’t accomplish what I want to accomplish, because the next morning it gives me more motivation to be like today, I’m not going to fail. I’m going to push myself until I succeed. Today we were supposed to work on our abs a little bit. I wasn’t supposed to fail, but like I said, I got defeated and that’s all I can really say. Tomorrow I will not let myself be defeated. With all you guys out there that sometimes you get defeated in a day, look at it, embrace it and let it piss you all the way off and then forget about it. Forget about it and just know tomorrow you’ve got to work that much harder to accomplish your goal. And then with that, I’m gone.

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