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Double Your Money in Antiques in 60 Days: Turn Your Collecting Hobby into a Profitable Weekend Sideline or Full-Time Business

All right today, we’re in, this room is kind of like my encyclopedia room. The reason I call it that is because I have a whole bunch of series of things. The Old West, Combat Survival, the Civil War, we’ve got the Vietnam Experience, we’ve got the Third Reich, this one’s cool, The Epic of flight, American Indians. All right, you kind of get the point. That’s why I like calling this the encyclopedia room. I got more over here, but I also have a bed in here. So let’s find something random and interesting. The lights right there. My bad.

Now, remember when we were looking, it’s… I’m a firm believer in don’t buy books only that you’re interested in. I mean, the way I built my library is a little different than most, but the reason I say that, because if you only have a library full of books that you’re interested in at that very moment, then you don’t give yourself time to grow or start looking into different things. I have so many different genres of books, like, look, I just noticed this look, it’s a whole Nicholas Sparks section. I mean, he usually makes his movies in the Carolina, so that’s probably why I have that, but I don’t know why I even put it out. Look at this, all right. “Double Your Money in Antiques in 60 Days”. All right, that looks kind of interesting. “Buying and Managing Real Estate”. All right. And “The Difference Maker”. Hmm. But then also “The Combat Photographer” sounds kind of interesting. Ah man, there’s so many interesting books over here. Matter of fact, before we go any further, let’s just go ahead and… The first one that really stuck out in mind. “Double Your Money in Antiques in 60 Days”. All right.

Let’s look through here. All right, our chapters. Right when I see one that’s interesting. I’m going to stop and we’ll go there. “How the antique business works”. “My wife ana the Harvard school of business administration”. Hmm. That sounds interesting right there. Like, what? But let’s go down just a little further. “Where the antiques come from”, “where anyone can buy at wholesale”, “how to buy at auctions”, “the great regional auction houses”, “some people are so deceitful”, “how to sell the things you buy”, “how to pay for your winter vacation in Florida buying and selling antiques”.

Let’s do “how to sell the things you buy”, because I can always get stuff, you know what I’m saying? That’s easy. But how to sell it, let’s see if he has any insights that I haven’t thought about. 36.

“How to sell the things you buy, or the general art of getting your buyers to work for you”. All right.

Now remember, I’m just trying to find a small itty bitty golden nugget in here. Now, if you want to watch, or if you want to get the whole review of this chapter, my notes, and then me going more in depth in this chapter, then just click below, click on the side. I don’t know where it is, but it’s here somewhere.

All right. Usually, italicized things are important, and bold. So we got three different things I’m going to read, see which one is most interesting. Offer it to him, and he’s like, get what you pay for, and get your money back so you can invest in [inaudible 00:04:47] tomorrow… No, that’s… I got to read more.

All right. Right here. “Selling” big, bold capitalized letters, because we’re already over at the five minutes, so I got to hurry up. It’s selling because the first principle in selling is ‘involve the customer in the decision-making process’, which is worlds away from a buyer, or not buy process. Long ago, when I sold typewriters for Remington Rand, the first thing I learned was that you never ask a person to buy your typewriter. What you do is you bring two typewriters with you, and you demonstrate the different features of both. Then when you’ve gotten him interested in comparing the difference between the two of them, you whip out your order book and say, “which one do you like best?” I like that. I like that.

So if you stuck around for the whole five minutes, hopefully you got that little piece of gold right there. Now again, if you want to have a whole review of the chapter, then click somewhere around and you’ll be sent off to the link and you’ll get my full review of the chapter with notes, and me going more into it. All right. See you next time.