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History Of Mythology

What’s in store for us today? I seen something. You know, I’ve always been a fan of mythology and gods and well… Gods. So look at this. The History of Mythology. Got a little unicorn. Well, got two unicorns. Printed and bounded in China, 1999. Oh great, you can’t see the writing, that sucks. Okay. Well, chapter one creation, gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, demons and monsters, animals, the underworld, journeys, quests and trials, and worlds destroyed. All right, Let’s see if we can find…

Yell at me if you see some… Oh, rulers and warriors, that’s a force. All right, let’s go there. I think we might have pictures, so we’re going to kind of go through a little slow. All right, we’ll go through this real quick.

Principal. Greek/Roman equivalents. Zeus, Jupiter. Right? King of gods and the sky. Hera, Juno. His wife, marriage. Poseidon, Neptune. Is the sea. Athena and Minerva. The war of wisdom… The God of war, wisdom, and crafts. Apollo, Apollo. Light, intellect, and arts. Artemis, Diana, or Deanna. The moon and the huntress. Aries and Mars. War. Yeah, right. Hephaestus and Vulcan. Fire, the blacksmith. Well, how come we don’t learn all about these? I’ve heard of some of these, but not all of them. Aphrodite and Venus, the beauty and love. Eros and Cupid, her son, love, and desire. I didn’t know Cupid was Roman. That makes sense.

Hades and Pluto. Dis Pater. Demeter and Ceres. Fertility, crops. Yeah, this one. Persephone and Proserpina. The queen of the underworld. See, I’ve never heard of him. Where’s Hades? Yeah, Hades and Pluto… Wait a minute. Well, who’s her dad? Or who’s her mom? So, that’s weird. There’s no… She’s the queen of the underworld, but I don’t know, we’ll figure that out later. Dionysus and Bacchus, is wine and ecstasy. Hermes and Mercury, that’s… Divine messenger and a traveler. And Hercules, interesting.

Where were we going? Sorry, my memory is terrible. Warriors and something, right? Yeah. Yeah. 50. There we go, 50. I seen some… Yeah, here we go. We got the Egyptians over here. Oh, we got Aztec. Okay, so good, they don’t just with the European gods. They go the Chinese people. They got the middle… Or the… Yeah, baby. They got them all. They got the Americans, native Americans, obviously. Cosmic orders. Wow. This is… What is she doing over there? Look at this. You can use your imagination for what’s going on over there. Yeah. Look. Who are these people? Snakes’ role in creation. Here we go. This is an entrance to the Oba of Benin’s palace in West Africa. The python on the turret is a messenger of Olukun, the Yoruba Sea God. Well where… Oh, there we go. You see it? That’s interesting.

Don’t let me forget 50. That’s Shiva, well no, who is this? This is… No, it’s not Shiva. This is… Yeah, it is Shiva seated on a lotus throne, like Brahma, in a pose of yoga meditation. As destroyer his… Wait, that’s it? I always thought Shiva was a girl, but right here it says, “As destroyer his head is encircled by flames”. I would have thought that Shiva was a girl. Well, you learn something new every day.

Egyptian guy. There you go, in the Greek myth there are… See, I haven’t even got to 50, these picture books are difficult to get through. Accounts of how the first men created said that when the Titans ruled, the gods created men who never died and who lived among them. On the orders of Zeus, the artisan God Hephaestus, skilled in metalworking, creator of many gods’ weapons, also created the first woman, Pandora, to plague mankind. So look at that. That is… From the gate, from the beginning. The gods, the Greek gods, have said that the woman was created to plague mankind. That is not my opinion… That is literally what it says right here. They created Pandora to plague mankind. That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?

Before we go, because we’re already at six minutes, we’re already supposed to be done. We haven’t even got to where we’re going. All right. Rulers and warriors. See, the one thing I will notice it’s usually like, if you’ve noticed, the Greek ones are all about sex, dude, all about sex. They’re always half naked. You know what I’m saying? Then you got like a God over here. They always got like weapons and multiple arms and things within. It’s always to Greeks. If you notice they’re always drunk and they’re always half naked. The Roman Mars and Venus, who had more important and dignified roles, than their Greek counterparts, Ares and… Yeah, I guess.

Who’s this guy?

The black God. Oh, look at that. The black Goddess. The… Despite her beauty here, the fiercest form of Shiva. Now I’m confused. The last one said Shiva was a guy. Consort bellow. This is this one. Who is that? That is a Devi, the general name of Shiva’s consort, who represents the God Shakti or the female part of his nature. Her gentle form is, Oh man, I’m confused. What do you mean? It keeps going back and forth between his and hers. What are they, both men and female? Is that why they have two arms? So the… I know this one. Yeah, see? So I guess this one is the man and that’s the female. I don’t know, because they’re kind of going back and forth with everything. Well, there’s not very much going on here. I kind of have to read more. I don’t want you guys to just have to read it wrong with me, but that’s what the essays for. What I’m going to do is, cause it’s also takes me to page one-on-one when I read this, I’m going to try to get to the bottom of…

Okay. So no, no, that’s not Shiva. That’s not Shiva. That’s… I forgot, that’s Kali. We’re going to do a little research on who the hell is Kali. And then who is this guy? This is Devi. So Kali and Devi are warriors of some sort. All right, don’t forget. This one is the History of Mythology. It’s going to be pretty interesting. I apologize for getting distracted.