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Talking Books Promo

All right. Erik Johnson, FYMM Inspiration bookstore on Amazon. All right. So what we have today is a lot of kids’ books. We’re going to randomize, for the Christmas season, kids’ books for you. We’re going to put a whole bunch of kids’ books in a box, and sell it to you for a great price. So what this does is create the perfect gift for your kid, for your grandkids, for anybody that you know has kids or little ones. So each one of these boxes, you’re going to get roughly 20 to 30 books per box. So if you were to do the numbers and on the kids’ books, the box of books, we’re selling each box for $50, excuse me, $50 for a box of kids’ books, about 30 books in each. So you’re buying each book at a unit price for less than $2, if there’s 30. And in this particular box right here, with these books, as you can see, some of them are big, some of them are little. In this particular box, I can fit 34 different books. So our $2, that’s $68 worth of books that you’re buying for 50. So what we’re trying to do is promote reading and education in the youth of today and the little ones, the kids. And we’re also… Because sometimes when you have kids, it’s not very easy, you know what I’m saying? We’ve got a lot of responsibilities, got to buy a whole bunch of different things. So we’re trying to create or stimulate readings, stimulate knowledge for a great price for all you parents or grandparents out there.