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The Horizon Books Of Railways

Well hello. Today, we’re going to do it again, look at some books. I’ve seen a couple of books that look interesting so I’m not walking around. We’re just going to kind of zoom right at it because I kind of know what section of the library I want to look at, so. Whoa, just so you guys can kind of see more of the books, kind of inspire you more to become a learning machine, right. Machines. That’s what we’re trying to do.

Where was it? Here we go. Railroads or railways. Looks kind of like an old one right there, doesn’t it? And yeah, it really does. Hold on. Let’s look at what year did they make this bad boy? Wow, this looks ancient. Yeah, copyright 1961. So 23 years before I was born. My mom wasn’t even very old.

All right. Let’s check this one out. Okay. Look at this, early locomotives, some great pioneers, royal trains. I love royalty and I love the money or at least like, we don’t need to go more into that. 101, let’s check them out. Right. Let’s see what they got.

I’m going to let you guys look through the pages while I flip to 101 so you can kind of see how this book’s is kind of cool. I mean the pictures aren’t digitally mastered and look great. They remind you they’re super old, right? 60 years old. So here we go.

Look at that one. What is this? Look at that. What is this? High-speed multiple-unit electric train using 3000 DC. It runs between Rome, Florence, Milan. All right. Look at that one. You guys see it. That’s an interesting one. That’d be interesting to kind of see what kind of job he does. There are tunnels and bridges. Look at that. See this is part of the reason I’m doing this, because if you had no idea about…

Look at this drawbridge. Sydney Harbor, Sydney, Wales, Australia, or South Wales, or I’m confused. Yeah, there it is. Sydney Harbor, New South Wales. So yeah, it is Australia. Again, we’re kind of what all I was saying is unless… I don’t know, I’m going to be upside down. I apologize. There you go. So unless you have books like this, then you’ll never know what’s interesting, right. Because I mean, this is just some random book that I found and so far I’m like, Wow, I’ve already learned some things. Not even where I’m trying to go to. I’m trying to get to 101 here, but if you slip through it… I love them. Especially if they got pictures because a book with no pictures sucks, you know what I’m saying. Everyone likes pictures.

101, here we go. Royal trains. Let’s look at their cabins. All right. So this right here was used by Queen Victoria. See what I mean by pictures? They’re amazing. I can explain the story without even reading it. And then later I can read it and go in more depth about it. But there we go. This one, it says the day compartment, a saloon used for many years by Queen Victoria. Interesting fact, not really that important, but the queen used to like candles so when she was using it, it used to all be candles, but then it turned into electricity. Very interesting. Let’s see this one. It’s kind of bland. There’s nothing too shiny, but again used by Queen Victoria. Well, that’s it. That’s all we got. Well, here’s some British… No, the Queen of the Netherlands.

All right. I mean, it wasn’t the most exciting book in the world. I’m almost positive I’m going to have some interesting, just random facts, right. Nothing too important. Nothing that you can’t live without, but if you like trains and you like just random facts then it’s going to be interesting. I’m going to personally like it. I’ve never even… royal trains. That’s cool. That’s awesome. Let me kind of read what’s going on. What makes a royal train different than just a regular cabin, right? I mean, besides the bells and the whistles, but we’ll go from there. All right. I’m interested to read this chapter and write my little essay for you guys to know a little bit more. All right. See you later.